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Festa della Perduca

Al principio…

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Stuff I Seen

I like when I don’t have to go to work. And I like it even better when I don’t have a list of bullshit that I have to get done on my “time off” that’s basically preparation for the next … Continue reading

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Pigeon Example

Let these fine feathered friends show you a thing or two about how to approach the coming year: Fuck It All! Even when forces are working against you, aka the pigeon “proofing” in their case, let your will find the … Continue reading

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If you know anything about me, you’ll know I hate Crapaoke. Yes, hate. During a recent torture session, which I suffer thru only because some friends seems to like it, I at least caught a nice visual on the screen, … Continue reading

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Lincoln Heights Xmas Parade 2010

There were rumors that it wouldn’t happen this year, some sort of infighting or some budget issues with the Neighborhood Council. But it looks like something was figured out because it did go on as usual. (Sadly, that wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Tamale Maker

Next up in our continuing series of making tamales: buy yourself a tamale maker! Now that will make everything much easier! Err, I’m just kidding, this looks gross. Don’t go pushing your tamal out of a lil’ tube. Yet another … Continue reading

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