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Huevos Rancheros: Perch

Someone I like thought it would be a good idea to treat me to this experience. I’m down with going up– so here we go!

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New Year’s Eve 2013 in El Centro

Everything Los Angeles touches turns to shit. That phrase came out of my mouth at least twice on New Year’s Eve at the Grand Park event, possibly more but I can’t remember. Of course, it was in reference to local … Continue reading

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Food Stamp Jokes

Making fun of the people that come into their shop. The Rosslyn Market is too clever for its own good. I hereby place a curse on the people involved with this market and cast a spell for all of them … Continue reading

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Grand Central Market: Reinventing Itself to Death

I’ve been visiting the Grand Central Market quite regularly since I started working Downtown. It’s always been a good place for a few reasons, mostly for some cheap veggies, a good source of dry chiles and spices, and sometimes for … Continue reading

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Destroy Capitalism

Does anyone know…

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Easter Scenes

I didn’t see the OG zombie rising from the dead, but I did see a few street people playing the role. I also seen a few other things on this ignorable Sunday. Here are some pics. Even though I am … Continue reading

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