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Huevos Rancheros: Plaza Grille

Underneath this ugly building on 5th and Flower is a hidden food court where worker bees can get some lunch. I’ve been here a few times, there are some okay options when you are trapped in the vicinity for your … Continue reading

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Sad Lunch Dungeon

Some Nazi clown got placed into an inappropriate position of power today. I’m not going to comment on it cuz the fool is getting enough coverage. Other than exemplifying the fact that democracy doesn’t work, I don’t really care much … Continue reading

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Skater Contradictions

Los Angeles is full of shit. It pretends to be something it ain’t. It wants cred for doing supposedly cool things, when in fact it can’t stand the actual practice of people doing cool things. Take for example this scene … Continue reading

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Huevos Rancheros: Bunker Hill Bar & Grill

Most Downtown spots seem geared for the 9-5 weekday crowd, cuz there’s lots of working stiffs up in them tall buildings. Come the weekend, there’s hardly any place to eat, much less so if yer trying to avoid the Tourist … Continue reading

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Hobo Signs

There’s a long tradition of hobos leaving secret signs to other travelers so as to warn of dangers or guide them to a resource. This one seems to be coded in plain language but hiding some other significance. I wonder … Continue reading

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Adventure Walk

Everyday life. It’s a challenge and an adventure. Anything can happen, at any moment. Be prepared. Be a Hero.

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