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Come on, you can’t make it out from the title?

King Roach

You think with so many years in the taco business King Taco would be on top of things in regards to cleanliness. But as you can see, you’d be wrong to assume that.

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RIP Washo-Blocko

I’ve been photographing the changing fortunes of our cartoon laundry friends Washo and Blocko for some time now, since at least 2006. When I noticed something new in their lives I tried to snap a photo as a keepsake. Here … Continue reading

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Hollywood Mexican

The image becomes the real. We live in a spectacular society, that is, our whole life is surrounded by an immense accumulation of spectacles. Things that were once directly lived are now lived by proxy. Once an experience is taken … Continue reading

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Food Stamp Jokes

Making fun of the people that come into their shop. The Rosslyn Market is too clever for its own good. I hereby place a curse on the people involved with this market and cast a spell for all of them … Continue reading

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Grand Central Market: Reinventing Itself to Death

I’ve been visiting the Grand Central Market quite regularly since I started working Downtown. It’s always been a good place for a few reasons, mostly for some cheap veggies, a good source of dry chiles and spices, and sometimes for … Continue reading

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Figueroa Produce Kaput

North East Los Angeles is definitely on the road to regrettable gentrification,  as richer people start to buy up the places poorer people didn’t even think were worth owning. Crappy homes bought by shitty people. What will become of the … Continue reading

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