Today in Lincoln Heights

I blame full time work for not allowing me to take my usual walks around our old Lincoln Heights to see what is happening in the neighborhood. Seriously, work is a buzz kill, and for what, just to pay the rent? Whose dumb idea of modern living is this? I best not get sidetracked yet again into a rant against this capitalist social order, instead I will bore you with some photos from my day walking around LH, my favorite way to spend a day off from the miserable misery of work.

Check out this nice flyer I spotted: “YAR SALE”, though missing a D, makes sense since that’s how people pronounce it in Spanish. But they didn’t include the address nor the date instead asking you to call them to find out. Secret yar sales, nice!

King Taco is hiring! I’m considering applying for the salsa maker job and quitting right after they hand over the secret recipe.

The LH Mini-Mall has some new artwork on the walls. Not too shabby and it certainly beats having those gates always closed over the walls/windows.

The Atalaya didn’t seem too impressed. I bet if the LH Mini Mall did a commercial they would get lots more business.

Who needs the Farmer’s Market when the 99¢ Only is overflowing with nature’s bounty? Exotic foods imported from all around the globe, yours for less than a dollar!

From a Buddhist Temple, to a Submission Factory, and now an Antiques shop. This building does it all.

Too bad I don’t need a buggy or a shark. Anymore.

Imported from Japan, Sanrio certified. Kill your Idols!

Shockingly, the Bi-Rite on Griffin and Broadway has closed! I’m not sure where to go for rotting vegetables and expired food products now. They had a water place inside but still kept the broken water machine outside, obviously with no sign that it was broken. I bet they collected lots of extra quarters that way.

On Facebook people were pondering what it could/should become but I have a feeling it will end up some crappy Walgreens or a junk fast food place. Stay tuned.

I didn’t take a picture of my bean and cheese burro at Chapalita (it was very good), and I didn’t get to capture the video of the crazy drunk lady ranting at the drunk guy asleep on a bench shouting something about “wetbacks” but that is why you should also spend some free time on Broadway, for the adventures.

Thus concludes my walk around LH this Saturday. I hope yours was more eventful.



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5 Responses to Today in Lincoln Heights

  1. Yanette says:

    Can we start a petition to get a children’s banquet hall that has video games and serves BEER? Then we can fight about it on the Lincoln Heights Yahoo Group? Amen.

  2. Mooncrazy says:

    Geeze, I love your posts. Quit that job and walk full time. You show me things I don’t get to see or miss as I drive by. The “D” is hiding out in the ‘fridge?

  3. Ana Arellano says:

    The next time I have a Yar Sale, or lose my pet, I will use that wraparound method. You can write your name and phone a lot more.

    Also, if my comment manages to post on the first try, I give you thanks for a capcha that does not threaten my sanity.

  4. noche says:

    I think everyone in that new mural the LH Mini-Mall is stoned! Especially the sun!

    And I don’t know if it’s just an optical illusion caused by perspective but those pineapples look HUGE! I don’t need GMO labels to let me know something is afoot.

  5. David Cruz says:

    Posts like this makes me wanna spend a whole weekend in magical Lincoln Heights.

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