Holocaust Tunnel

3rd St. and Hill.

A cave.

Where cars disappear.

Sidewalks avoided by pedestrians.

The Darkness Begins.

Turned into a Memorial.

Having walked through this tunnel before, with the noise of the cars overcoming the darkness, the fumes of exhaust overpowering the senses, I can sorta understand the gas chamber reference.

Voted Best Public Art Seen Downtown. By me.

Here’s some info I found on this:


A map of the installations.

Some history on the 3rd St tunnel.


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2 Responses to Holocaust Tunnel

  1. WALT! says:

    Such profundity.

    But I wonder why Jeffery Deitch’s signature is omitted.

  2. Jas says:

    I happened by the “Imagine Herzog” one recently — a hole in the fence overlooking a construction pit 🙂

    Even funnier that there are giraffes sticking their heads up above it now. Or at least they were still there a few days ago.

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