Damn Rich Kids


Flaunting their wealth in front of their fancy new high school…


…mocking all those poor people in their neighboring communities…


… by muscling in on the Cholo Car Wash Industry, only to give it away for free.

That’s not right, aye!

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2 Responses to Damn Rich Kids

  1. O. Gomez says:

    They probably used the good sponges and used chamois y todo.

  2. Mark Smith says:

    They figured out that people who wish to support their school will *DONATE* $20 for the school’s independent non-profit setup by the parents.

    That’s better than the $5 they would get if they charged for a carwash. If they charged for a Carwash, then they’d have to get a business licence from the City of San Marino, collect sales tax, etc, etc.

    So as you can see, it’s better to give away the car wash and ask for a donation instead 🙂

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