How to make Mexican Rice


I enjoy cooking. I find it oddly relaxing to zone out while I frantically chop away at ingredients as I guide them in the process of becoming a dish. Making your own meals is also rewarding on both the sensory and financial fronts, plus you get to mess around with different ingredients and cooking methods thus you can make every cooking session a learning experience. At least that’s what I try to do. Sadly, lots of people still have no clue or interest in dabbling with this ancient practice of cookery, the one learned trait that separates us from the cockroaches. (Umm, there may be some others, but I’ve yet to see a roach pull out a mini-pan to fry up some vittles. At least not while I was sober.) So if you’re interested in some useful human habits other than opening up cans, unscrewing jars lids, or memorizing the microwave cooking time for your next boxed meal, I suggest you follow along with this next installment of my free cooking school: How to Make Mexican Rice!

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  1. Laura says:

    I enjoyed the pictures and style of writing. As a Mexican I never even knew people made rice any other way until I was an adult. I learned my mom’s way without using tomato sauce. Instead I boil the tomatoes, then put them in the blender with onion and garlic. I, also, no longer add bouillon because it has MSG.

  2. Antonio says:

    Hey, it came out tasting great, but terrible texture! I fried the ingredients for a while, and the kernals (not carnals, mind you!) were not that brown, because I was constantly stirring the mix, however when I stirred everything and left the lid on to cook 20 minutes, on the lowest setting, there was still waaaaaay to much liquid, so I waited another about ummm ten minutes or so, and because I wanted to stick with your instructions left it off, covered for a few minutes to cool. ps I used three medium-large tomatoes, boiled them, and blended them to about a cup and half, and then added that with about two- three cups cold water, after I heard the “HISSSSS” from the tomato sauce. Was I supposed to use warm water as to not shock the cooking process? anyways It was still plenty wet when I ate some, so no burning happened, yet the kernals were too crunchy! Maybe the rice is too old? I also added a few carrots, which always hit the spot in mexican rice! they were fine. I feel as if I either need to fry it less, or to cook it for a whole hour, Please let me know what I did wrong!

  3. Rios says:

    I learned to make rice from my mom; slightly different recipe. But I only get it right 1/2 of the time. My mom could only make it right in one particular pan. We had big party for a friend and made everything from scratch. So there was my mom making one pan full of rice, then dumping it in one of those big tin-foil roasting/baking pans. Then starting another, then dumping it in. Until she filled up 2 of those large tin-foil roasting pans. It was funny..had to be there.

  4. Autumn Buffington says:

    thanks. pinterest is loaded with so much foo foo crap, I think this is an actual recipe!

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