Kids at Play


In a time when most kids think they need the latest video game to stave off the boredom, it was refreshing to see how much joy these two little boys got out of a small piece of rope, using it to drag each other around. I didn’t take a video clip, but they were non-stop laughter. A random event that happened as I waited for someone. Click ahead for some action shots!


I think they were brothers.


Most of the pics I took on my trip turned out kinda crappy, even this one is a bit out of focus. But this is definitely my favorite shot of them all.


I can’t imagine parents here letting their kids mess around like this, they’d likely tell them to get up off the dirty ground. The pleasure of not having to listen to silly grownups.

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8 Responses to Kids at Play

  1. artnoose says:

    There’s probably a nice stripe of clean floor after they got done dragging each other around. Here’s to childhood ingenuity!

  2. Danzig says:

    That picture is awsome, you don’t see pure inocent fun like that where I’m from. I live in a nieghborhood with a lot of rich kids, you know the stuck up type.

  3. Denise C. says:

    The look like they are having a good time!

    My kids do things like that all the time. Half of me wants to just let them be–they are boys and they are just being kids. The other half is afraid of CPS knocking at my door! I’m already guilty of being the brown riff raff of the neighborhood–the last thing I need is for my kids to be dragging each other around with some rope. lol

  4. spinsLPs says:

    These are great pics and I think I just came up with the million dollar idea! Children’s clothing made of Swiffer material.

  5. cindylu says:

    Ropes! Yay. In the second photo, the boy on the floor looks like he’s in pain.

  6. urban memo says:

    This is extremely cute.

  7. Rolo says:

    who would’ve thought that a piece of rope could be so much fun. Where in Mexico were you?

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