Dead Angels


What an odd thing to find on a sidewalk in LH, a perfect pair of wings attached to a bloody torso, or what’s left of it. Is this a sign from the the not-so-great beyond that I need to recant my blasphemous ways? Or can this be the antithesis of that holiday claptrap about Angels getting their wings: when one lucky bastard gets ’em some unfortunate fool gets hers plucked? I heard some crazy lady on KPFK talking about “Angels all around us” and she was even giving them names (strangely, they all had modern American english names) so I figure that if they are everywhere, eventually one of them is going to get squished. Oh damn, the TV is falling…Splat! One less pair of wings.

I should point out that the reason for this was possibly a hungry cat with a quick pounce but that would be way too obvious and make too much sense, and that kind of logic carries no weight nowadays. Best we join the club and imagine some grandiose meaning to the inanities of daily life, thus this is now a sign and photographic proof that even Angels die a horrible death. Ha, Ha pinche santitos, you are so moded!

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4 Responses to Dead Angels

  1. amber says:

    this is a really wicked picture to catch just lying on the sidewalk….and i agree with you even angels do die horrible and trajic deaths but thats the way life is… things are given and things are taken… but this really is an interesting pictrue and i think that this may show that devils have wings as well… one ever said that only angels have wings…maybe a demon shedded his wings and finally went to rest in hollow ground… or maybe he tradded spaces with a damned soul….and now hes a fallen angel that walks amongst you.

  2. Sandra says:

    this is not a dead angel .. it’s a dead bird u idiot

  3. Rob H says:

    No Sandra, I think you are the idiot. Did you read beyond the first paragraph? It is merely a poetic commentary on the possible symbolism of the picture. So, get a clue before you open your mouth, or in this case, type.

  4. Sandra's Left Lip says:

    this is not a dead angel .. it’s a dead hobo u idiot. I mean duuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr… As if.

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