LH Update: DWP & The Plush Cellar

A quick update to some stuff happening around the LH. I found out, in a very obvious way, that the DWP office has moved…

…back to the old DWP building which has recently been restored. This building spent a few years being vacant, aside from the security guard on duty 24/7 so it’s good to see it back in action.

I’m looking forward to paying my next DWP bill, just to have a reason to take a peek inside. I’m not even going to complain about the long account numbers full of damn zeros. Nope, I ain’t.

Looks like the new centralized pay station model of parking meters has come to LH.

And it seems they take credit cards. My theory is that they just want to make it easier to jack up the parking rates, rather than have to deal with each individual meter. Certainly, this isn’t in your best interest.

So if you plan to look for the Plush Cellar at El Aguila Negra, make sure to feed the meter some extra quarters, cuz yer going to be looking for a long time. The Drinkin’ Heights Crew that actually found the cellar have sworn to never reveal its location to anyone outside of the group, under penalty of excommunication. So you’re on your own Chief!

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5 Responses to LH Update: DWP & The Plush Cellar

  1. Jesus Quiroz says:

    I don’t understand. What are they trying to say?

  2. chimatli says:

    We need to have another (secret) meeting of the Drinkin Heights Crew soon!

  3. cindylu says:

    I *hate* that the DWP account numbers are sooo long. They don’t fit on the little memo line on my checks.

  4. artnoose says:

    You gotta admit, they’re pretty thorough with their moving signage.

  5. Robert says:

    So this must be one of the slowest rehabs for a business- oops! – it’s a gov’t agency, so it’s not really operated like a real business. Check your uncontrollable rate hikes- would you stay with that company if they did that to you in a real business setting?

    Anyway, it must have been housed about 15 years from my recollection at the “temporary” location. Does anyone know what the real point was to them moving out in the first place? (or since it’s the DWP, they don’t need a reason, the do what they want- they can afford it, just raise rates.)

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