Anti-Gentrification Diatribe

When the good folks at Flor y Canto ( mentioned that they would be part of the North East LA Art Trek I asked them if I could contribute some anti-gentrification statement to be visible during the event. Lucky for me, they let me do it!  I whipped something up at the last minute, literally, so it ain't very clever or subtle, just a collection of some observations regarding gentrification in our area, how it affects us, and how it is viewed by those not affected by it. Be aware that the people that were expected to participate where mainly "Art afficionados" so the politics where left intentionally shallow (ha, that's my perfect alibi!)  I printed these out and made a sort of display on one of the walls, where they remained for a week. I would have left it at that but they encouraged me to put it up on the webpage, so if you think this really sucks send the complaints to them!

Here goes!

What is Gentrification

St Vincents






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