Lincoln Heights X-mas Parade 2011

I'm doing my duty by filing this LH Xmas Parade coverage report, a little bit late but I blame the parade for not being as inspiring as usual. Actually, it was a bit (gasp!) boring. So here it goes for whatever its worth, which is not much since its a free post I gladly give to one and all to satisfy your needs for time wasting!

It's become a tradition for me, getting a proper breakfast/lunch of Indian food in Artesia over at Jay Baharat, but I knew it would be cutting it close since they don't open until 11am, the time when the parade is supposed to start. But knowing what I know about the parade, I assumed it would start quite late anyways.

Crud! Some bozo must have crashed and tied up the 5 headed back home. Or maybe everyone was going to the LH Xmas Parade?

I finally made it, a bit late but I was told it was just the beginning anyways. Haha, I knew it.

Some people in an old car, not sure who they were. This would be a sign of things to come.

The hotdogeros were out in full force. This one even advertises for "Delicious" Meadow Farms plus his shirt reads "Vendedores Ambulantes: Luchando por sus Familias". Awesome!

This guy wasn't selling cupcakes, they were an after parade treat for his friends on route.

Some guy named John M Menchaca was in a car. Your guess is as good as mine.

Some of our special needs friends did their part to liven up the parade.

There was a decent turnout.

Young dancers.

Our Lady of Open Enrollment was hawking their services. Does this count as an advertisment?

The cleaning crews were out and about with all their tools in tow.

Bored Wells Fargo workers waiting for it all to be over. Not even a glance or a wave from this wagon. Maybe they felt a bit silly as they only have that small "branch" inside the Smart & Final.

LH Seniors dancing like a bunch of teenagers.

My Amiga repping for the LH Park Tennie Boppers!

Some dude in an old car. Hey, I have an old car too if you all want me to cruise by next year. I might even wash it for you.

Miss Taiwan, a regular participant in the parade.

Baila, baila, baila, linda morena!

Ha ha! The Shriners came out to show off their hats. I assume that is them but I guess they expect us to recognize their famous faces.

The cotton candyeras were also doing a side business of soap bubbles.

Dr Vince Carbino. Whatever. Take note of this car and driver though.

Nieve Estilo Oaxaqueno shows up on a bike to delight the crowds. Ambulantes: the unsung heroes of the Eastside.

Kids from Gates all boxed up!

Seriously, don't trip cuz there will be no arm action to stop your fall.

The ranflas made an appearance. No parade is complete without them, thus the reason why the Rose Parade is a total bore.

Mariachis headed to an assignment.

Don't mess with the Crazy One.

Nice ride.

Hey, is that La Claudia talking to people about Jesus Christ? Probably.

The Big Wigs at St. Vincent de Paul, no doubt trying to size up the hipster market in LH.

Wow, they even have a traveling boutique now. Glamourous to the max.

I think she was suppossed to ask for donations but she just walked by without explaining the basket.

And here we see one of the many lulls in activity, the wide open space between one parade thing and the next.

Hot dogeros still busy.

Young boy in a drill team, not something you see every day. He was good at it too!

The Jr. Gremlins had just been picked up at the Home Depot and were on their way to do some roofing for the day.

The littlest tiger.

Nightingale! That school is haunted, in case you wanted to know.

The Man That Only Wears Shorts. Driving a golf cart.

Santa Claus seems smaller than I remember him, must be on a diet.

Futboleros kicking the shine off the ball.

Sacred Heart HS, over 100 years of instilling guilt in young ladies!

Candybareros? That is new.

Home for the Holiday, and just in time to do your taxes!

Even our local hipsters turned out to see what all the commotion was about.

People from Nayarit.

I think this was the queen of the Nayarit group, but my eyes ain't so good anymore to read such small text on passing cars.

Performers become spectators.

"Stars" of some show where cars get repossesed by the credit agency. Seems like a messed up premise for a tv show.

The Submission Factory was handing out fliers.

And then a fight broke out on the street! Bola de peleoneros.

Aztec Fire Fuels Crew, for all your fire solutions.

At the ready with the meat tubes.

Hello Kitty on Ice skates.

The ketchup on ketchup guy. That doesn't even make sense.

It ain't Norky but some other bird like figure. Where is our beloved Peneagle anyways?

Lots of churches in LH.

This one brought a cool train.

And they gave away crap.

Absolutely no idea who these people were, but they waved heartily. If only there were a way to communicate basic information to people, maybe future societies can solve this dilemma.

Church lady in heels screaming it up for the lord.

Rolling cooler on a baby cart. The little girl seems impressed.

Founder of the LH Xmas parade gets her own car.

As does the co-founder. We get only the best in parade entertainment.

But of course, the Christmas Committee.

Meanwhile, the salchichas keep cooking.

And on the topic of cooking salchichas, the Le Blanc Sexy Santas float on by. Maybe la pobre will get a pair of pants as a present this year.

Elotero on the move.

Not moving was the parade itself. Waiting, waiting...

Hey, the cleaning guy came by, lets watch that for a bit.

Nevermind, here come some tumblers!

And then it slows down again.

This parader was busy with her soda.

A woman in the middle of the street.

More sweeping action! Look at all that dirt! Exciting!

Seņor with his bolsita.

Synergy ladies.

Yet another break in the parade, this kid was also getting impatient.

Atlantic Tires, regulars at the LH parade.

Now we take a peek at the oldest, dustiest window wedding dress in the world! Looks delicious.

A giant propane tank.

Oh wait, its a UFO for rent. Duh!

Veterans for Peace giving the peace sign.

WTF? This is getting old.

Police come around to harrass people and to make them get off the street.

Not sure who this group was.

Parade snacks: Flamin' Hot Cheetos of course!

Azteca dancer blowing a conch.

Some guy peeks over the roof.

A Yellow car with people in it.

The other crew from the Home Depot, they are headed out to clean up some construction site.

LHS band.

One crazy dancer.

Lincoln Drill Team.

The Principal of LHS, being driven in that same car from earlier with a Dr in it. Same driver too. Weird.

Another crowd shot.

LH style door stop.

The parade is not over but other people are also getting tired of waiting for nothing. This lady packs it in.

Now that is a good deal!

Finally, Santa Claus comes by. Now we can split.

Se quemaron los weenies.

Police yet again harrassing kids, this time for skating on the street. No wonder everyone hates the pigs.

Ice cream vendors discuss strategy.

Afer the parade everyone heads for the after party in the Bank of America parking lot.

Free pizza and cardboard for everyone! It tastes the same.

Bored horse wranglers waiting to blow this taco stand.

More ice cream vendors, these were discussing ways to subvert the commodity economy.

Finally it was time to really split, and not a moment too soon!

Yup, kinda boring. I hope things get better next year.

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