Ghetto Blastin' MP3's and Ogg's

UPDATE 4/23/2006

This time around, we are heading way down south to Chile, home of Makiza an exceptional hip-hop band with some interesting lyrics to boot. They seemed to have disappeared for awhile but it turns out they just released a new album last year with a new incarnation of the band. The song that has been uploaded is one of their best hits "La Rosa de los Vientos", which is overall a really together song, you can download the huge video from their site as well. To get the mp3 you'll have to login to the account using "quieromasmusica" and "download", as mentioned below.

Many of the songs linked here can be found in a gmail account. You'll have to login using the account “quieromasmusica” and the password “download”. Find the title you are looking for, click on the email, and download the song. I've also added new links to stuff from 8bit and Inch Erectionists, check it out below.

We try to put up some different mp3's every once in awhile so we can share some of the great music that is out there.

This following local band has been around for a little while but I've yet to mention them. They be called 8 bit, and though they currently live around Highland Park, they be robots from another planet! They have some funny ass songs that are on the cutting edge of technology, some are available from their website. I suggest you download Not Workin' or Eatin' Cat

You want something different? Then checkout the stuff from Inch Erectionists, an LA based consortium that puts out some odd and interesting songs on all types of subjects. I suggest you tune yer ears to Asshole Car, Stop Having Babies, or Psycho, which are my current faves. Though you'd do well to check out the other songs as well, it's a crazy grab bag of free crazy songs!

Okay, this time I'm putting up a personal favorite, a slow and meloncholy song by the master accordionist and all around musical genius Ramon Ayala and this song, “Tragos de Amargo Licor” is my all-time favorite, not just in it's genre, but across all music styles! Yes, sir, it's that good. It's a drinking song with the usual story of longing for a lost love, but the plaintive sincerity in which it's expressed can really bring tears to your eyes (assuming you understand spanish) but not to me, I'm strong and don't cry so easily! (*sniff, sniff*) You can download the mp3 HERE.  And if you have an interest, check out the LYRICS HERE

This time we are putting up two new mp3's since they complement each other. They both deal with the concept and image of "Hollywood", a symbol which is more powerful then the actual geographic location. On the one hand we have Felix da Housecat with a song that touches on the myths of fame and fortune that the image of Hollywood conjures. Download "Madame Hollywood" HEREThen we have Jurassic 5 with "LAUSD" which describes a much more realistic assessment of the sad place with the big famous sign. Dowload it HERE 


This next supplement to our list of recommended mp3's is an entertaining and informative "song" by Cheech Marin, known for his tag-team comedy films with Tommy Chong. "Mexican-Americans" is a song that gives a tiny and odd, yet accurate, glimpse into the Chicano life, it ain't much but it's funny. Download the song HERE.


There is also another local band that may be of interest: they call themselves SLOWRIDER. You can check out what they sound like by downloading the "Don Ramon" Ogg at this link HERE  I like the fact that they play on the EL CHAVO! theme (you know, the tv show) and their live stage show is a mix of all the characters. Chingones to the Max!


Some more Flamenco stuff, check out La vida es un rutina  by Capullo de Jerez, one of my favorite songs right now. This is in Ogg Vorbis format, an open source equivalent to mp3 which is smaller and sounds better, in my opinion. Windows users can download the latest winamp, it supports ogg vorbis

Don't know what MP3 is? Checkout these links to find out: Download an mp3 player, the software required to hear mp3's.