A Little Tour Through Lincoln Heights...with EL CHAVO!


Just so you get some idea of what LHS looks like, I've designed this "Virtual, Cyber" tour, eso, eso, eso! Now there is no need to actually visit, this website will be just as good! Ha, Ha, the lies of the internet...anyway, let's continue.

Siganme Los Buenos!


We begin by entering our small town, usually by crossing one of the bridges that connect Downtown LA to the (real) Eastside. Like the Broadway Bridge:

You can turn around to see the LA skyline:

Who's that coming down the bridge? Fucking wino on the loose? Let's start running! You'll soon hit the "High" St, otherwise known as Broadway:

Make a left on one of these streets and you can head on over to the old LA Jail, no longer in use. This is where the cool Aztlan Cultural Center used to be. At least the jail is gone.

There are lots of bridges and overpasses around here because of the LA river and the Arroyo Seco. Grab yourself something to drink and hang out at one of the many underpasses and enjoy the view:

But watch out for the dangerous gangs!

Now that you've got your buzz on and have been scared away by the Stuffed Animal Clica, head on over to the "Brewery". Unfortunately, they no longer brew beer but are most likely producing a case of  gentrification: yes folks, this is now an "artist colony." Let's keep an eye on these fools..

Now that you are disappointed with this "Brewery" you can walk the two blocks to the San Antonio Winery. They really do make wine here! But it's kind of a snobby place and your type may not be that welcome.

They've tried to make their winery all classy and shit, but it's kinda hard to believe it when UPS trucks zoom by all day and then there's that little cement factory:

Ahh, wonderful cement! The blood of modern Los Angeles. Will anyone resist its' unregulated assault? Maybe this vato would, Señor Cuatemoc over by Lincoln Park always seems to have that fighting spirit:

Now that you are left wondering about this Cuatemoc, head on over to the Lincoln Heights Library, they have a lousy selection of books (thanks to the crappy librarian) but they do have computers with internet access. (send me an email while you're there!)

Now wasn't that a nice stroll through our little 'hood? What! You're not convinced? Well check out the views you can see from around these parts:

and this one...

Ay Caray! That is one cool view. Lincoln Heights is a kick ass place.