Welcome to the page of the new Brew not Bombs Los Angeles! We were inspired by the Baltimore group www.brewnotbombs.org (looks like their site is down now) to start up our own homebrewing chapter, in which we intend to learn and teach some basic brewing techniques, raise some funds for different radical projects, and of course have a fucking good time in the process! We are planning for our first brewing session real soon, sometime in February, so we'll be concocting our recipe and milling our malt real soon. If you are interested in learning how to brew, raising funds for deserving groups, and partying for social revolution, well then, Join Us! Check this page for updates and to find out what's brewing. It's also very possible that we will make some t-shirts as well.

We may meet at Flor y Canto  or at someone's home, so please get in touch to find out where we be at! First brewing session is Sunday Feb. 16, get in touch!

Come taste the fruits of our labor!

Saturday March 15th 8pm

Bring your favorite drinking mug or glass

$1 (or more!) donation per glass to raise funds for Flor y Canto

At Flor y Canto 3706 N. Figueroa www.florycanto.org

We'll be drinking our “Don't Drop the Bomb Stout!”

This all natural beer was made from:

First we milled the grains..

Then we mixed with water at 172° to settle at 154° for a 2 hour infusion mash

Then we sparged the dark liquid!

Looking Good!

Now Let's boil the sucker up for an hour!

Once it's cooled and transferred to fermentors, pitch the yeast and watch it work!

Two weeks later, it's in the kegs and almost ready for drinking. Watch this space to see how the party goes!

Here's some pics from the super fun party! We raised some cash for FyC! The beer was good and powerful!

The Guilty Parties!

We went on the Feb. 15 protest and handed out some of these flyers below, feel free to print and share!

I'll have a beer back at Chanfles.com!