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This page was made in the hopes that anyone that visits sunny Los Angeles, California might steer themselves to what I consider the most interesting part of this city: The unknown East Side. Too many have assumed that Los Angeles is a city of wealth, movie stars, car chases, and the most annoying of Americans, which is partly true. But the vast number of people here are nothing like that. Specifically, the most prevalent (yet somehow invisible) people in LA are the Mexicans. Primarily from working class backgrounds, you will find them everywhere in this city. Don't believe me? Next time you're at a fancy restaurant in Beverly Hills or West LA just check in the kitchen. Or drive by the upscale homes around 3pm and notice the people catching the bus; mostly Latina maids on their way to the other side of town.

But if there are so many, where in the world do they live? What do they do to enjoy themselves? Where do they shop? Since we will not be invited to the banquet of plenty for quite some time, we have established our own communities, shopping centers, and places of entertainment east of the LA River. Most consider this area sub-standard in every respect, a place you only visit when you zoom by overhead on the freeway. So be it. It turns out though, that I, along with most of the people who live here, ENJOY being here, especially when you consider the options. I'm hoping to be able to share some of this fondness I have for the area with you, but I have my doubts. It can seem quite ugly when you quickly drive by with your windows rolled up and the doors locked. You will have to step out of your Personal Armored Space and mingle with the natives for a while, we usually don't bite.

I plan on writing reviews of local places, events, people, or landmarks to fill outsiders in on the pleasures of East Los life. I also put up a different mp3 of music every once in awhile, so you can stop by every month to see if something new is on tap.

Special note to arty rich kids: don't stay here. Laugh at the kitschy-ness of East LA and then go back to Silverlake. I've seen how quickly you spread in an area, drive the rents sky high, infest the place with tacky pop culture and dis-connected cynicism, and then boot the locals out. Don't make us start a chapter of the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project down here! You've been warned.

Now back to our story...

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