Lincoln Heights is one of the original neighborhoods (actually suburbs in those days) of the city of Los Angeles. Located just northeast of downtown, Lincoln Heights is bordered by the 5 freeway and 110 freeway on the west, the 10 freeway on the south, Hunington Drive on the east and Highland Park on the north. Many northeast L.A. communities have been formed and defined by the many hilly areas that run through this area. So while the freeways may surround us, there are larger, natural forces that have created our neighborhood.

Lincoln Heights is home to a community of recent immigrants and long time residents. While the population is mainly Latino (Mexican and Central American), there is a large and important Asian population of Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian. Other ethnicities are represented here which creates an exciting mix of cultures and opportunities for new encounters.

Originally the neighborhood was founded by a growing affluent class which chose to move away from the hustle and bustle of downtown L.A.  Griffin Ave. was named after one of the founders and investors in the area. Other streets such as Workman and Sichel were also named after original settlers . Around the 1930's many of these wealthy citizens left the area. Soon an immigrant community of Italians and Mexicans moved into the homes the original citizens vacated . Like most other inner city LA neighborhoods, the 1970's and 1980's saw the rise of "white flight" and "brown flight" as established immigrants moved onto the growing and more prosperous suburbs of Los Angeles.

If you thought true pedestrian areas were non-existent in Los Angeles, you haven't been to Lincoln Heights! Because this area was designed and built before automobiles dominated the city, many stores and services are within walking distance. Also because many in this community don't drive (or can't afford to!), there is much activity on the streets. Many people, like myself find this to be one of the more pleasant attractions of Lincoln Heights. It is not unusual to see whole families and couples out strolling , much like the original residents of Lincoln Heights did over a hundred years ago!

There are many exquisite ,architectural gems in Lincoln Heights. Victorian homes, Craftsman style bungalows and Spanish/Mediterranean homes built in the 30's are to be found throughout the neighborhood. Unfortunately, some of these homes have been "modernized" through the process of stucco and security bars. However, this doesn't detract from the charm of the neighborhood.

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