EL CHAVO! checks out the 2006 LH Xmas Parade!

The LH Xmas parade drew out quite a few people this year, even though it was scheduled to start right after the Toluca-vs-Chivas Championship match, luckily it didn't go into overtime, unfortunately Chivas won. Booo! With that bitter taste, I had to go and see if a parade would cheer me up.  This is not a complete overview, just some of the pics I took.

Here it comes...

The Annual LH Xmas Parade!

First up is an old cop car, gotta keep the crowd in check.  Hope they don't shoot anyone.

A different approach to the modern policing practise comes from the folks at Art Storm, they try and get taggers and graffiti afficionados to channel their talents onto canvas. They also like to ride around all crazy in  lil' golf carts!

Miss Taiwan got a ride from the fire chief.

ROTC priming the pump for new recruits. Have fun in Iraq!

Rick Quintero (the morning traffic report guy and chp officer) was the Grand Marshall. Even though he's now a cop, he really is a decent and friendly guy.

Ugg, I hate you Gloria Molina! You cut G.R. checks to $212 a month and made people waste time at "work fare". An eternal Boo-Hiss to you, Never Forget!

Another in that fine line of detestable politicos, City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo! His stupid "gang injunctions" cost him the cholo vote and thus he failed his bid to become the State Attorney, ha, ha!

Politicos and Churchies, are we having fun yet? When cholos get tired of being hounded by Rocky, lots of them find Jesus and end up in this gang.

The LHS Alumni Association were crusing in a limo. Just like at the prom.

One of the many drill teams.

A group known as the LH Swing Dance club jumped down from the truck to bust a move.

Another cop, this time on a trike.

This ambulante was making some decent money with his clever trick: he'd hand some cotton candy to a young kid, the parent would protest about "I don't have money for that", he'd look around distracted waiting for his money, ignoring the complaints, and the parents friend would pony up the cash just to make it all go away!

This drill team is unstoppable: the parade in front of them had long ago moved on and despite the huge gap they created, the frantic waving at them by organizers to get going, and the friendly whistling and jeering by the impatient crowd, they just kept dancing! Crazy rebels.

This must be the ring leader as the pink converse clearly mark her as a non-conformist, don't let no one keep you down!

The sad diabetes clown came by to insult me with his shouts of "America" and "Chivas", muy chistoso cabron.

This dog didn't seem to be having tons of fun.

Ballet Folklorico Maria Felix changed it up a bit with some different forms of dance.


Now? Yes, Now!

I'm not sure what was happening here, but she looks kinda cool in that pose. Part of the Euclid Ave. Drill team.

Some Lowriders.

Lots of people came out for the parade, even the Taqueros took a break to catch a glimpse.

More people.

More drill team stuff, this one with flags.

The Burbank Middle School ROTC looked bored to tears. Get used to it kids, the Army gets worse!

Robert Flores was funny, asking the taqueros to bring him some tacos (they didn't comply) and then by the liquor store asking for some beer! Beer and tacos, what could be better?

I didn't get this one, this croc was walking alone. Somebody shouted "ha de estar perdido" which seems like a perfect explantion.


Seemed like lots of spectators knew the participants, these two were chatting it up.

Another car, not sure what this was for.

More drill teams.

A float. I think thats a drawing of a fountain.

Hillside drill team with some fast moves.

This clip of a monster truck pulling baby Jesus somehow seems appropriate.  The song in the background is "Mi Burrito Sabanero" a holiday classic which I really like, you can download the mp3 here.

Aww, how cute, a christian crusader, with a sword and everything! Too bad I didn't get a video clip of them chanting "we are crusaders", that'd a surely warmed your heart.

I guess the newest look in cars is to install impractical doors that you can show off. Notice the little dog is holding on for dear life as it just slipped off the roof.

Nothing sez Xmas quite like a truckload of sexy santas, these ones being Las Chicas Le Blanc from the bar by the same name.  

And finally, another small clip of some dancers from LHS. Right around here the battery for my camera died and I missed Santa driving by on the firetruck. That night, I cried myself to sleep.

See ya next year LH Xmas parade! EL CHAVO!

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