Lincoln Heights X-mas Parade 2009

I can safely say that I have cornered the market on Lincoln Heights Parade coverage, and since it's the only product of its kind on the internet, it's also the best. And worst. No worries, it is what it is. But now that I've single handedly pushed all competitors out of this game, the time has come to make my loot! Hmm, not sure how that will happen but trust me, I'm about to get super rich! Click ahead to see my dominant parade coverage product in action!

This year the parade was scheduled to start at 11am but knowing what I know, I showed up at 11:30. A few minutes later they did a countdown to the start of the parade which was a nice touch. Except that the parade starts at Lincoln Park and it takes some time to meander over to Broadway. Doh! Above we see one of the crowd converting a box into a hat, cuz LH be green like that.

Cotton Candyero ready for the business action!

Looks like it's going to be a little while before the floats get down to this part of LH, maybe I'll walk around.

Even our light poles were in a holiday mood.

Snack vendor waiting as the nacho "cheeze" sauce warms up in its push button dispenser.

Over by the bank parking lot they've setup some stuff for the after-parade party. A bit empty right now but the crowds will get here.

I like the winter wonderland stuff, it's a reminder of the horrible cold the other not-LA chump cities have to endure.  You can keep your so-called "seasons", I ain't interested. They asked me to take a picture, but here it is in case you get online. Notice the carrot nose resting on the hat.

Wow, so this is snow. It's as if one giant raspado fell out of the cup. And no tamarindo sauce in sight.


Tables of pizza, supposedly for later but you can clearly see the volunteer helping herself to a slice. Provecho!

Headed back to Griffin, a raspado vendor doing brisk business. I briefly considered going to the 99 to get some cups and some sort of sugary soda drink to start my own impromptu jale, but I backed out. I had a parade to cover, and I don't think they'd want me scooping up that snowman just yet.

Even the punx like a parade.

I asked the hotdogero if I could take a pic and he asked if I was part of the police or something. Of course not, chale con la chota.

Hello ladies! The LH parade organizing committee. Did you know that 3 of these peeps are my facebook friends? Yup, making an ass out of myself online has its privileges!

Please be careful with this pipe.

Old and modern technology come face to face: shoe shine while you text.

Tools of the trade.

Here it comes!

Hey, it's Mr. Fresh Ed Reyes and his stylish cap.

The required Aztec Dancers, this one with a message for Justice for the Juarez Mujeres.

What do you call the vendor that sells elotes, raspados, duritos, and something else? El multi-ero, of course.

Nerd patrol coming up. Let's ignore them.

ELAC showed up to our fine little parade.

Some people stopped to check out the parade as they were doing their shopping. Yes, LH has many fine boutiques for all your consumption needs.

La Sagrada Camisa.

Neighbors checking out the action from the comfort of home.

Hey, the Grand Marshal is parade float designer Raul Rodriguez. Better known as that dude with the blue bird. They wizzed on by.

Eastside Bike Club with some ads in tow.

The security dude of LH also doing the rounds.

Allesandro Drill team. This must by the tiny faction.

Ok, another elote then.

We sell joy.

Hugs and Kisses and Leaps all around.

Ranfla on patrol.

In plain sight: breaking the cell phone while driving law. Not that he cares.

LHNC in a fancy go cart.

A parade regular: Bobby Castillo of Dodgers fame. I think that's some sort of batball team.

Pfft, who invited this fool?

Those bluetooth gadgets make everyone look stupid. EVERYONE.

Isn't reggaeton dead by now? I think she's a radio personality, and she seemingly couldn't get anyone to come with her. Que sad.

Lil' queens.

More caruchas cruising the strip.

Look at those smile, by both the participants and the attendees!

I love yous are for White People? Oh, it's a title of a book.

Los Heavyweights Car Club. Not a bad name.

Nice detail in the artwork.

Look, its Pancho Villa!

Now that just looks weird, with all those contrasting colors. I'm talking about the playground of course.

Everyone loves free stickers. Even if it comes from a van with an ape on the side.

Las Chicas de Le Blancs were once again in the parade, though this time they didn't get out to do their little dance number.

Something is the best kept secret in Lincoln Heights, but the dreads keep that secret hidden.

Snoopy was at our parade. Yeah, not even the Rose Parade had that.

Los de la tercer edad looking all spry.

Beautiful woman singing to the crowds. And we get to enjoy this for free!

Sheridan Dance Team. And a supporter.

El Arca, I think that's the secret.

Go Mass Titans Drill Team!

The thrift store mobile.

The Royal Court.

LHS band getting down.

Our local environmentalist crossing the parade, to get to the other side.

He knows everybody.

Dog in a sweater.

Yet more punx, this one on parade. And with a "cheap sex" patch, no less.

Let the good times roll!

A parade within a parade: this guy was just skating back and forth, seemingly all on his own. It was kinda funny. Funny ha ha.

Hey, it's Richard Macias! Hmm, how is it that I know the president of the LH Chamber of Commerce? Somethings not right here.

The only horse in this parade.

Washington Arty? I don't get it.

Nothing sez Xmas like a confederate flag. Egads.

The celebrity Grand Marshals were some guys from a show called Operation Repo. Since I don't have cable nor do I watch much tv, I had no idea who they were. But others seemed to understand their celebrity.

Oh, is it over already? The parade ran very smoothly this time and it seemed to go by very fast, without those huge gaps of nothing from years past. But yeah, that's the Claus's ending the parade.

Happy crowds waiting til the very end.

Back at the winter wonderland, the snow slide was in full swing.

And the lines were forming.

Freezing and fun.

More singing.

The pizza box table.

There were still slices left.

Formal presentation of the LH Royal Court.

Even more dancing!

Repairing the Snowman. The kid with the chair was trying to break up the ice pack so that it could be turned into snowballs.. kids could do this.

Direct hit!

Snow: much cleaner than mud.

You wouldn't hit a kid with glasses would you? The answer is yes.

Coming to a safe stop.

Lil' Santa doing some dance routine.

The LH security dude with some bubbles.

Grownups and children alike had fun.

Afterwards we went to the new Cafe in the Heights, since we heard it was open.

Lots of options.

Lots of seating in front of LHS.

I wrapped up the day with a coffee. And I'll wrap this page up as well.

Hope you enjoyed this tour of the Lincoln Heights Xmas Parade 2009.

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