Kinder Protest

Kinder as in garden. My friend Vlad posted this old-but-new-to-me video on facebook and I thought it was a pretty awesome response by youngsters to some anti-people demo by some stupid adults happening across the street. The youthful arts of negation, in its most basic glory.

Well done kids! A++!

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4 Responses to Kinder Protest

  1. alienation says:

    What’s funny is that the right-wing fringe are creating opposition to the US by fusing their hatred with the flag and nativism. They help create an oppositional nationalism.

    The other funny/good thing is that most of these kids are probably American citizens. So, they’re creating a strain of anti-Americanism which can morph into anti-nationalism, and these kids (obviously) will outlive these old flag-wavers.

  2. don quixote says:

    What’s really ironic is that the right on kids will no doubt someday be supporting these moronic racists (Social Security, Medicare, Govt Mental Health help,), with the tax’s they generate through a prosperous, gainful and positive work ethic, that most Mexican Americans (now almost a majority in Calif) have and are proud of.
    Great post Chavo!

  3. esme says:

    Kids…. the original multi-taskers: playing, protesting, smiling and spinning effortlessly 🙂

  4. RobThomas says:

    At first I thought the kids were correcting the spelling of their signs.

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