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Eastside 101: ELAC Swap Meet

November 17, 2007 at 10:21 pm in East Side The ELAC Swap Meet was a very unique gathering, a bunch of buyers and sellers trying to eke out a living, all taking place on the parking lot of our local … Continue reading

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Cholula Store is Closing, maybe?

I never took the 2nd door to the left but I am still sad to see Cholula Store go, whatever it is. “Serramos” is the perfect goodbye.  

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Huevos Rancheros: Bonita Restaurant

This fairly new restaurant on Daly join the ranks of HR reviews kinda by accident. I’d gone in to have a bowl of soup but you know, things happen.

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Where Am I?

(A geographic riddle for you Northeast LA locals. First person to guess the spot wins an all expense paid trip to said location.) The clouds are starting to move and I need to get going as well. It doesn’t take … Continue reading

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Break Time

Even the paleteros have to take a lunch break. Here we see the main tool for the trade parked in front of a popular local eatery.

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Burrito Vegetariano 2.50

click here for larger (but still blurry) pic The new sign at Llamarada includes a bold and strong embrace of the veggie customers, no doubt my friends and I have played a hand in this welcome addition to their always … Continue reading

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