Burrito Vegetariano 2.50

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The new sign at Llamarada includes a bold and strong embrace of the veggie customers, no doubt my friends and I have played a hand in this welcome addition to their always sparse menu. It’s not hard to influence culture, food or otherwise, you just have to be a participant.

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8 Responses to Burrito Vegetariano 2.50

  1. chimatli says:

    “It’s not hard to influence culture, food or otherwise, you just have to be a participant.”

    Yeah, and order 20 burritos at a time like we frequently did during the DNC protests in 2000.

  2. karen says:

    wow its about time. I told her that she should post a veggie burrito on the sign just a few months ago…but she didnt yet have this fancy new sign…

  3. don quixote says:

    I sure hope the non Spanish speaking people understand that listed under the “vegetariano” banner are food items that are definitely not vegetarian.

    The mitote would be unbearable if some innocent ordered the burrito con chorizo, or the huevos con machaca listed under the vegetariano heading.

    BTW Chavo, I clicked up Llamarada on your post and you had a photo of a plate of nopalitos (didn’t look so hot to me either), and then you dogged nopalitos in a jar! Que fancy es El Chavo! Just my humble opinion but I prefer the nopalitos in the jar, they have a lemony vinegar taste that cuts through the gooey slimy stuff that turns me off with fresh nopalitos, and the nopalitos in the jar really taste good prepared right (and health wise will lower your blood pressure and practically cure diabetes de devoladas),

    This is the way I eat “nopalitos in a jar” that my abuelita used to make for us (BTW, she lived to be over 98 years old and only died cause she was bored and felt she had lost her girly figure and looks at 90).

    Put a bunch of olive oil (i like a lot) in a frying pan, medium heat, mince up a clove or two of fresh garlic, chop up a couple of fresh green onions.
    Into the heated frying pan scoop out of the jar about three or four scoops of nopalitos, chop them up bit size with the spatula, after a minute or two put in the green onions, after a minute throw in the garlic and 5 or six eggs, scramble everything up until ready.
    Heat up your tortillas, put in the huevos con nopalitos, salt and pepper to taste, I like to sprinkle on some Tapatio sauce but it’s an individual call.

    Nopalitos in the jar! No te rajes! Con huevos, cebolla y ajo, que tasty mano.

  4. matt lucas says:

    $2.50 for a vegetarian burrito?! I’m there!

  5. Chely says:

    You mean you really are a vegetarian? I thought you were joking… I’m not sure we can be friends anymore… I mean I’ll keep reading, but if you go vegan we are sooo OVER! Ask Moby, I dropped him like a hot potato, sent all his CD’s back in pieces… that might of happened before I knew he was vegan though

  6. Ashamed to use real name says:

    Vegetarian Mafioso. Cross me and you wake up next to a head of lettuce.

  7. EL CHAVO! says:

    You thought I was joking? Do I ever joke around? Never! 😉

  8. Julio says:

    Wow, the sign changed. The past sign was there for at least 20years (I do remember a typo on it too). The “Burrito Vegetariano” is put up in super big letters too. I’ve ordered many a _burrito vegetariano_ here. Oh so many.

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