El Difunto Don Ramon

20 years ago, the legendary actor and comedian Ramón Valdés, better known as “Don Ramon” on the Chavo Del Ocho TV series, passed away due to lung cancer. Though he had a tendency for doling out coscorones to El Chavo (ouch!) I can’t let the day go by without acknowledging and paying my respects to the talents of this comedic genius. His character was beloved by many as he represented the (barely!) working man, having to fend of the landlord coming for the rent, constantly mocked and corrected by the cultured class (Prof. Jirafales), and forced to hold in his rage against the verbal and physical attacks of the aspiring middle class, aka Dona Florinda. Despite his daily struggles to make ends meet and being lumped into the category of mere Chusma, the man was honest and retained a kind heart. It’s not the sort of role I expect to see on TV anytime soon.

To get this commemorative party started, check out the homage video clip above, with a great song by Los Mox! that celebrates ‘Ron Damon’. Then click ahead for some more clips, pos si quieres.

Jaja! Pinchi chavo, que menso eres!

Now that’s a proper education!

“No hay trabajo malo, lo malo es tener que trabajar.” ‘Nuff Said!

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4 Responses to El Difunto Don Ramon

  1. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ha, that picture is just so perfect!

  2. rolo says:

    jeje, that picture is so funny!

  3. i’ve noticed that t.v. characters I loved as a kid have some sort of moral integrity to them. It’s only later on in my later years that i make those connections and realize why I loved said characters.

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