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Adventure Walk

Everyday life. It’s a challenge and an adventure. Anything can happen, at any moment. Be prepared. Be a Hero.

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How to Fix a Lens Error on a Canon PowerShot 310 HS

I’ve been a loyal user of Canon cameras for some time, somehow thinking they were a good company that stood behind their quality products. Anybody loyal to any product is a fucking chump, as I have once again rediscovered.

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Just a lil broken

Yet another of those asshole scripts that like to push out advertisements for drugs that make the male organ get all giddy up seems to have made its way onto this site. Might be my hosting service, might be my … Continue reading

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Modern Laundromat Entertainment

I doubt the existence of heaven. It’s just impossible that it could ever top the luxury and wonders of Modern American Living. Above is a snapshot of the American Dream, a room full of robots that will wash your clothes … Continue reading

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Around a Penny an Inch

The neat thing about digital cameras is that you can instantly use the results; either for online posts, to email to friends, or to add yourself to some dated event to cover some tracks! I used to use film cameras … Continue reading

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Huevos Rancheros: Koras Restaurant

I could just say nothing. But I’ll say something.

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