How to Fix a Lens Error on a Canon PowerShot 310 HS

I’ve been a loyal user of Canon cameras for some time, somehow thinking they were a good company that stood behind their quality products. Anybody loyal to any product is a fucking chump, as I have once again rediscovered.

I bought this Canon Power Shot ELPH 310 HS just last November 2011 and by March 2012 the Lens Error problem that many people have been having found its way to this camera. All of a sudden, just after taking a picture and with no warning, the lens decided to no longer retract into the housing and the camera shuts down. You can’t take pictures even though the lens is out. I’ve experienced this before with Canon cameras. I don’t expect technology to be perfect, whatever, it happens. So I shipped it out to the repair place in Irvine under warranty.

They said that somehow the barrel got bent in midair while taking a picture. Thus it was my problem and the $300 camera I bought 4 months ago was going to cost $200 to repair. HAHA! For reals? Yes.

You fucking jerks.

I argued with them for awhile, it was a ridiculous exchange trying to explain what happened while they stayed on script with “the barrel is bent” thus you bent it and you need to pay. I was on my cellphone and at work. I don’t need this shit. Send it back to me then dirtbags, I ain’t throwing good money after bad.

I’ve broken a few cameras in my time, I don’t fear buying a new one when its my fault. This is my current collection which includes one that has a broken LCD screen but still works, and one that takes kinda crummy pics. The one that was stolen is not pictured either. And of course, the newest one in the front that is an expensive piece of shit that only worked for 4 months, the Canon PowerShot 310 HS, which just up and died and Canon refused to fix. No problem, that’s what DIY is for! So here is how I fixed it:

Works for me. And to ensure that I don’t run into this problem again I plan on never buying a Canon camera again. Oh, what a threat! Yeah, its meaningless and I don’t care if you join in, it’s just what I plan to do.

Some time ago I decided to stop supporting Sony too. Cuz they had rootkit spying tools in computers and because they tagged up my neighborhood. Look at them now, probably going to declare bankruptcy soon. Just saying!

For the record, let me just say that Canon Sucks.




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4 Responses to How to Fix a Lens Error on a Canon PowerShot 310 HS

  1. Rolo says:

    maybe you need to start carrying a sketching pad instead, looks like you are bad with cameras LOL. Just saying!

  2. Justin says:

    My brother and I bought the same camera on March 4, 2012 for my mom’s birthday. This is our first time buying Cannon cause all our friends use it and it’s great. Yesterday, the lens got stuck. We never dropped it. we barely used it at all. Because it’s out of warranty, the cost to fix it will cost more than what I paid. how does that make sense!

  3. Stefan says:

    I have the exact same issue with this camera. Thank you very much for the tip. Though i found it very satisfying to combine this with a few precise hammerstrokes. Made a perfect fit i vest pocket afterwards.

  4. AC says:

    There is a Cannon “Loyalty Program” where if they have the camera in stock refurbished/returned they will give you a discount buy if you send the broken one after you receive the new one. The repair men know it exists but don’t know much about it. If they think of it they can transfer to someone who will talk to you about it but it is a good alternative option, and you can bypass the frustration of the repair men and the back and forth conversation if you just ask for the Loyalty Program. It normally costs less than the minimal repair fee…. for this camera it is about $115. I’ve done it twice actually- both breaks were my fault.

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