Huevos Rancheros: Cafe 50’s

Many kitchens put Huevos Rancheros on their extensive menus, for some it is an afterthought. This evening we will show you what it means to list a dish that nobody in their right mind will really want to eat.

Look at that menu, “It’s SO BIG!” they claim. I wonder why?

On this evening I went with a friend to see the legendary Manuel Agujetas at Barnsdall Park. It was close to what I expected: while he still has the chops to pull off some impressive pieces, he is reaching that point where the stamina might not be what it once was. Some good letras and deep llantos made it a worthwhile performance. In the midst of a good show, we were treated to a dance performance by his wife Kanako, in which she did some slow and uninspired dance moves assisted by a cane to keep compas, or to accent some steps she couldn’t quite manage. I might not know much about Flamenco but even I realized this was an unnecessary addition to an otherwise decent show.

I mention this only because I made that association of the unnecessary element as we discussed the performance and I tried to eat my meal. I’m sure she is a fine dancer, in some other context, but like the HR’s at Cafe 50’s, it is just filler.

I’ve had a good breakfast here before, plus they make some good and tasty shakes. I wasn’t too hungry when we hit up this spot late one Friday evening thus I ventured to see how they make their Huevos Rancheros. If I was wiser I would always stick to my gut instincts (har, har!) but then I would never know what lies out there in this crazy, mixed up world of fucked up Huevos Rancheros. Sometimes I eat for your entertainment.

Yer welcome.

That exciting thrill of adventure came to a grinding halt when this landed on my table. Let us parse: tortilla de harina underneath the eggs, not even a tad fried. The eggs were cooked so damn hard that I had difficulty finding them. And they were smothered in a sickly sweet marinara sauce, which I assume came from a large can just like my Italian mother would open. I don’t care anymore so I’m not even going to tell you about the beans. Why put this item on the menu if you are just going to fake it with some crap rendition? It’s like sushi on a taco truck.

The “over easy” eggs that seemed boiled. What a terrible plate of Huevos Rancheros!

I still ate my meal cuz it was food, and I asked for it. But never again. You too should stay clear of this dish and I truly hope they just remove it from the menu because the place is actually a very nice spot for food. Just not HR’s.

Yes, visit. Stick to the Americana, do not venture into Mexican food territory, or at least not HR’s. OK?

Cafe 50’s  323.906.1955
850 N. Vermont Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90029

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