Just a lil broken

Yet another of those asshole scripts that like to push out advertisements for drugs that make the male organ get all giddy up seems to have made its way onto this site. Might be my hosting service, might be my “this is just an interesting distraction” attitude to this site, in any case I was slimed by commercials. THIS IS WHY I HATE ALL ADVERTISING AND THE PEOPLE THAT RUN GOOD SITES THAT ACCEPT ADVERTISING! Lest you think you have nothing to do with this, anybody that encourages the terrorism of commercials and advertising is in league with the enemy.

Promotion of commodity consumption is an act of misery, and this world is miserable enough as it is. You are a dick if you accept ads, promotions, sponsored posts, free sodas, comped meals, or some other seemingly small compensation to get you to start looking favorably at something you would have ignored before. I spit on you, ya jerk!

Hopefully this crap site with minimal ethics will be back to its normal self soon enough, just got to find a way to keep out the scum advertisers for good.

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