Around a Penny an Inch


The neat thing about digital cameras is that you can instantly use the results; either for online posts, to email to friends, or to add yourself to some dated event to cover some tracks! I used to use film cameras but would never get around to actually developing the results, and I have at least one (maybe two) undeveloped rolls kicking around, which are probably ruined by now anyways. Bah, who cares, it’s all just stupid memories.

Last week I was sending out a package to a friend in London and figured I’d send him the pic that went along with his poem. Sure, I could have emailed it, but letters don’t have links. And it’s nice sometimes to have an actual print. I put the pic on an sd card and headed over to the CVS for a quick printout. They have 4 stations there and people are always printing up pics, I guess the technology has caught on. At 29 cents a picture it’s pretty cheap because I actually save money by not having to print up everything on my roll of film like back in the bad old days. But CVS could be saving some money if they weren’t so wasteful with their receipts: sorry for the bad pic but that collection of paper to print out one digital picture goes up to 32 inches! And it’d be more like 38 inches  but I gave one part to the cashier. Pretty wasteful.

Maybe with the money they save by redesigning this paper trail for one picture they can finally unlock those condoms!

Oh, if you want to see the pic I printed, click ahead. No charge!


You thought I wrote poetry? Hell no! I outsource my creativity. It was a poem about doodles, but I forgot to write down a copy.

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12 Responses to Around a Penny an Inch

  1. I love sending and getting stuff to my pen pal in Utah. It’s always fun and exciting and I know what you mean about the receipts. It’s just dumb and I never take the survey or the coupon that comes with it.

  2. Erika says:

    I stopped going to CVS after two of my large order of prints had about an 1/8 to 1/4 of an inche of the left of the paper completely white. They obviously didn’t load the film correctly. They wouldn’t reprint or give me a discount. What a waste! You think I would’ve learned the first time, nah.

    Can’t believe I paid for that.

  3. Jenny says:

    and it’s usually coupons you can’t use anyway…

  4. Gabrielito says:

    Where did you find that poetry writing guerrito? I have a hankerin’ for some poetry now! And for the cost of a tip, why not!

  5. cindylu says:

    I like the option the gas station gives you to NOT print out a receipt. I don’t need a receipt for everything I buy, and definitely not one nearly a yard long.

  6. Jesus Quiroz says:

    Hate the long receipts.
    I always get a long receipt, with in-store discounts, when I go make a payment at Sears.
    By the way, I get my pics developed at Walgreens – .19 each.

  7. artnoose says:

    There used to be some kid who set up a typewriter outside the Berkeley Bowl market and would write poems for donations. I think he had a pretty good racket going, if I remember correctly.

  8. Vidalia says:

    Every time i go to print at cvs those machines are broken.

  9. I like how you categorize your tags. Have you tried Cost-Co? 2.99 for a 12×18 print. Great work and they pay their workers better. I don’t work for them but I sure do use their services.

  10. Brian says:

    I stopped taking my film to that CVS in Lincoln Heights because they always screw up my prints somehow, they ruined my negatives the last time I was there- they just don’t care.

  11. apio says:

    Years ago, in a fit of dadaistic subversive fever, I had the idea of starting a “found poetry” movement called banalism, where you would go to poetry readings with receipts, ATM print outs, unpaid bills, threatening letters from collection agencies, etc., and read them as poems. (Of course, though I collected a bunch of material, I never went)… That receipt would have been the banalist equivalent of The Iliad or some such epic.

  12. Ana Salas says:

    I love CVS!!! The photo department is like my second home….My theory is , if your nice to the great peeps of CVS, they are nice also…I’ve never had a problem with my orders and a lil tip….Never ever go on sunday night…It’s too packed with all the hood rats developing there hood rat pics…There’s an employee there named Luis who always helps me out! Don’t believe…go see for your self….ask for him…

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