Huevos Rancheros: La Flor De Sahuayo


I know I read about this place somewhere; maybe chowhound or yelp? But that was some time ago, and now I can’t find the comment that made me want to try it. Yes, even I sometimes throw darts onto my computer to find a new place for breakfast. Don’t hold it against me. All I remember is that someone claimed they had some really good HR’s here, so I showed up to find out.


It’s a basic menu.


But they do have HR’s. It looks a bit messy, but that wasn’t my doing. On the plus side, the ranchero sauce was very nice, con bastante picante, and it even caused me to choke up a bit. Cuz of the spiciness. But I was disappointed in the lack of any tortilla underneath the eggs, and the fact that the eggs were more than a bit burned. Take a look.  Certainly the most burned eggs I’ve ever had outside my own place. At least they didn’t drown them with cheese. But those last two issues are inexcusable oversights. Nonetheless, I had some food and a pleasant time with my fellow eater.

Lesson learned? Never trust a website.

4601 E Olympic Blvd 323.266-1140
Los Angeles CA 90022

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4 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: La Flor De Sahuayo

  1. tacosam says:

    Chavo, the way that the so-called cook plated your dish of HR is inexcusable. It looks as if the cook just dropped some slop on your meal tray as you walked the line in a prison cafeteria. Red sauce looks very oily, too. The charred eggs tops off this fine illustration of a cook who just doesn’t care about any details.

  2. fot says:

    Tha’ts the worst looking pile of shit for hr I’ve ever seen!

  3. EL CHAVO! says:

    Oddly, the cook and waitress were very friendly and attentive, and we were the only ones there. So the burning plus sloppiness was surprising. But I’d give it another try.

  4. TacoSam says:

    You are a better person than me, Chicano Brother. I wouldn’t go back to a place that fed me that slop then charged me $$ for it. However, would be interested in a follow-up HR review to see if burnt eggs and oily sauce is their true modus operandi. Saludos.


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