Tortas de Camaron: La Llamarada


I had to get to La Llamarada (2622 Pasadena Ave. 323.221.2259) early today to make sure I was able to sample their version of Tortas de Camaron, last week they ran out! That’s not surprising as this popular restaurant often runs out of Chiles Rellenos (which they also only make on Fridays) usually by 2pm. Better to be safe, I’ll have it for breakfast. Turns out other people had the same idea at 9am since i noticed at least 2 other people having the same meal. Maybe it was a bit too early as it turned out I didn’t even get close to finishing this hefty plate, though it wasn’t for lack of will.

As you can see from the picture, this dish was loaded with nopalitos, so much that you can barely make out the tortitas. But they’re in there, and they are something else. As for the nopales, they are decent but forgettable. You’ve tasted these before: it’s the familiar taste you get when you crack open that jar of nopales hiding in your cupboard on some lazy Sunday you just don’t feel like dealing with the prickly spines. Nothing exciting and they do in a pinch, so let’s move on. I was quite surprised by the tasty sauce that covered this platillo, it was interesting in as much that it was unexpected. Llamarada is known for doing some very basic dishes as their business is based on moving people in and out, therefore an interesting tomato/chile sauce on ANYTHING is going to get some points. No need to break down this culinary rarity, let’s just say it’s good. Entendido? The most worthwhile aspect of Llamarada’s tortas are the actual tortas, a nicely formed medallion with a spongy and thick consistency, a perfect vehicle to soak up all that good sauce.

At around 6 bucks, it’s pricier than I expected. It tastes just like a plate you would expect from Llamarada; basic but decent food at a (usually) cheap price. If you want to give it a go, get there early! EL CHAVO!

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  1. Rolo says:

    have you ever had the bean and cheese burritos from king taco? they are so good, the green salsa is a killer.

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