Huevos Rancheros: Metro Balderas

Only a few weeks ago, this place used to be a taco stand. When I noticed this new sign above I knew I was gonna have to visit very soon: any place that makes an accurate reference to Mexico City has to have some sort of legitimate connections to the place. And of course, it turned out the food was very much in keeping with the D.F. spirit; tasty, unique, and fresh. This place really just shows the difference between Mex-American food (the stuff that has been known as Mexican Food for way too long) and Mexican food, that fresh but simple fare that actually tastes like food. It turns out this is the 4th of a few restaurants based mostly in the San Fernando Valley, and though I expected this place to suffer from the usual expansion woes, it seems they have hit the ground running.

But how were the Huevos Rancheros?

Unique and totally satisfying! Notice how they put each egg on a separate tortilla, like it’s supposed to be done! Plus, these were fried tortillas, and I could actually lift the whole thing like a tostada to take my big bite. This is how I know HR’s, this represents the form that I consider authentic: if you can eat them with your hand, yer likely at the right place. Considering they gave me flimsy plastic forks that couldn’t cut thru the tortilla, I’m glad I could use my hands. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere before but I am a fan of hand-to-mouth eating, the tactile intricacies and pleasures of this common food delivery system cannot be reproduced by a knife and fork. I’m aware of the class and cultural tenets that condemn this practice, but if my ‘apa, ‘ama, and abue’ did it, then I’m still in good company. And I don’t give a fuck.

Despite my fondness of the form, I would still prefer a ranchero instead of a tomatillo sauce over my HR’s. It was a good sauce but the acidity of the tomatillos over huevos estrellados is a bit overwhelming, a tomato and chile concoction would certainly be more to my liking. But since I’m not the cook here, I’ll take these HR’s as they come! They also add some nice black beans and a homemade escabeche (pickled jalapeños. carrots, onions) that is just a wonderful explosion of fresh and tangy flavors, it’s the sort of side that makes you realize you are eating actual food! Though my personal preference for HR’s might skew a bit differently, in a few ways that I consider important, this is a perfect plate of Huevos Rancheros.

Though they have a wide menu, there are only a few veggie options. But I’m sure you can ask for a few changes to fit your needs. Having been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, I know it’s possible to train your local eatery to consider your needs. I’ve been laughed at more than a few times because I asked for a “torta sin carne” at an East LA truck, and after sending more than a few friends there, they no longer even blink when that request gets made.

I’ve already gone back a few time to sample their different items, this one above is the huarache con hongos. They add a layer of black beans inside of the masa, and it’s a really good meal. I also tried the quesadilla which has the a bit of epazote in it, which makes it that much more exquisite.

Best of all, from this spot you can contemplate the roof lions of Devon Glass and their changing colors.

Metro Balderas #4 323.478.8383
Sistema de Comida Chilanga
5305 N Figueroa St. 90042

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  1. chimatli says:

    And they make the best chilaquiles! Oh, and don’t forget to try the chocolate “eskimo” shake. They use some type of chocolate that tastes uniquely Mexican.

  2. don quixote says:

    Orale! C’mon Chavo don’t be a Chicanosnob, that don’t look like a plate of HR’s that would fill me up in the AM before going out to a hard days work on a construction site. It might work for some computor geek or accountant in DF but it wouldn’t fly in most Mexicano areas where real working people want hardy food. This plate looks anemic and those mashed up black beans look like cat shit. Gimme some frijoles pintos and plenty of queso fresco and aroz on the side. In fact gimme a plate of huevos con machaca at El Abejeno, La Fuente or dozens of other joints in and around LA and keep the veggy Mexicano in DF.

    No mi chingas!

  3. EL CHAVO! says:

    You are not allowed to disagree with me. Fuera! 😉

  4. don quixote says:

    Yo se Chavo, dispensa, and to make it up to you I’m leaving you (behind the 7-11 on No. Fig), a large bag of Chayotes I stole from the vecinos fence vines so you can make a pot of caldo sin carne.

    Pinchi cara de Chayote!

  5. EL CHAVO! says:

    Out of the 8 chayotes only 2 were still edible, the rest were rotten. Where’s your quality control? Y pa’ cabarla de chingar, you left your half-eaten hot dog from 7-11 in the bag, que asco.

    Pinchi cara de weenie mordido!

  6. Santiago says:

    Que viva Mexico, cabrones. A nice and clean blog, El Chavo – were giving you an “A” rating for being an all around nice guy that knows the local landmarks well!

  7. don quixote says:

    Jodido! Que Amigo es El Hamed (El Dueno de este 7-11), yo le dije aquel vato que watcha y cuida este bolsa de Chayote’s! Sanganabitchi! those winito’s probably got to the bag thinking it was pisto and took all the good Chayotes and left that rotten guini, no ai pedo Chavo, voy a la pisca otra vez tonight when the vecinos are mi mi’s and next time I’ll leave you a bigger bolson behind the dumpster atras de Dusty’s Bar on York Blvd.
    Soy culpable manito. (pinchi cara de Tejon!)
    Era muy amable y humilde,

    don quixote

  8. EL CHAVO! says:

    Espero que no te tardes con la proxima pisca! Y ponle unos aguacates tambien, no?
    Ay te watcho, cara de papa molida!

  9. don quixote says:

    Que tu dice’s carnal, pero las aguacates cuestan, no te creo!
    Que no puedo robar aquacate’s, mi puso un puno de grifa en ese guangoche,
    puras curada’s camarada, (pinchi cara mascarona)

    A sus pies,
    don quixote

  10. Santiago says:

    OK, next time, Don Quixote will please bring the aguacates and queso fresco along with a potable table and three folding chairs, so that we can dine in the lap of luxury behind the dumpster at Dusty’s Bar on York Blvd. I will bring the pulque, the Waterford crystal and the bone China, El Chavo can bring the tortas and a deck of cards. By the way, I will be coming from the San Fernando Valley and with a chingo de hambre, so everyone be prompt please.

  11. Santiago says:

    Perdon – I most certainly meant portable table and not potable table! Also most honorable Don Quixote, you would make it alot easier on our eyes if you wrote in english, if you catch my drift (-,

  12. tatiana says:

    am i suppose to blog in spanish or english? i ate at metro balderas…que delicioso!!!

  13. don quixote says:

    Sorry about that Chavo y Santiago, yes I am willing to snap out of my Lincoln Hts upbringing and to act “normal”. If Chavo will bring some frijoles negros (pero not like the ones in the photos) and Santiago brings the card table and some pulque, I will bring the Chayote caldo and some fruta (sorry fruit) from the frutero on 64 and York, and a Mexican 7 course dinner, that is to say, a six pack of bironga’s and a taco.
    Ya estufas Chavo, what you say Bro?

  14. don quixote says:

    Chavo, sorry about this parasite that follows me around (Cantinflas, one of his multiple personality disorders), he suffers from an affliction called “donquixotephobia” and also has a deep fear of menudo, (I know, I know, how bizzare), he is infatuated with me and even has a website blog devoted to me ( Barf in the Hat), that is run by a couple of “minutemen” who spew out continuous anti Mexican and Chicano caca. They are shapeshifters who will claim to be Mexican but are in truth obsessed with stopping any advances by Mexicans.
    Again, my apologies if my posting up here has caused this wierd person (it’s possibly a woman), to appear on your fine blog Chavo, but “the girl can’t help it” (great old rola by Little Richard!), and I just wanted to have a little fun!

    Regards, don quixote

    PS; did you find your chayotes and aguacates in the bag behind “Dusty’s Bar” on York Blvd?

    Barf in the Hat

  15. Santiago says:

    Buenos dias mi pueblo. Asi es, tal como lo explico el Don Quixote, caballero y erudito scholar. Es mi buen amigo y quiere y lucha por su gente y el pueblo latino. Paz y respeto a los regulares aqui y sobre todo a nuestro anfitron El Chavo. (-,

  16. EL CHAVO! says:

    Cantinflas aka Wallista
    I’m not sure what kind of broncas you have on other sites, but I have no problem deleting comments here, especially when they are filled with racist drivel. Behave yourself fool.

  17. chimatli says:

    OMG, I’m so confused! However, I have to say that was one of the funniest comment exchanges I’ve read in awhile!

  18. JW says:

    A great review. I enjoy reading these a lot, though I have not commented before – I especially enjoy it when you’re pleasantly surprised by the particular qualities of a meal. And I’m very much onboard with the act of eating with one’s hands, or even better, sharing a meal which is meant to be eaten by hand.

  19. Georgina says:

    This blog always make me so hungry.

    Also, I have tagged you in a meme.

  20. Chely says:

    With all do respect chavo I think I found the comments far more entertaining than the post itself.

  21. Chavo, ¿eres chilango?

  22. Chino says:

    I work in Pasadena, not too far from where you’re always writing about. I decided that I was gonna try to go to a few of the good restaurants you’ve talked about on here, so today for lunch, I stopped by here. Must say it was really good! Thanks for all the reviews, keep ’em coming, and once again, awesome blog!

  23. Santiago says:

    El Chavo, for all your vegetarian needs – the Adventist Book Center, across the street from the Glendale Adventist Medical Center.

    Southern California ABC

    Street Address
    1501 E. Chevy Chase Drive
    Glendale, CA 91206-4107

    (818) 546-8552
    (800) 765-6955

    (818) 546-8464


  24. Santiago says:

    ABC Store Hours

    Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Monday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Tuesday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Wednesday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Thursday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    Friday 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
    Saturday Closed

  25. tin says:

    man, those huevos rancheros look hella good. i can honestly say that i have had hr in D.F, and they were one of the best.

  26. cindylu says:

    Ooh! Those look good. I want to try the chilaquiles… it’s been a while since I’ve had some good ones.

    You know what I really liked bout the DF Metro? The icons at each of the stations. They were so cute. It made me think of the NYC lettered/number circles as lame. Have you ever seen t-shirts with the icons? It seems like the perfect DF souvenir.

  27. Big Bomb says:

    I still miss El Metate, which was the previous tenant. They were world-class …

  28. Camote says:

    Ah, que comadres chismoleras. Empecemos por quien critica que el Chavo no tiene idea de lo que es una buena o completa comida mexicana. Primero que nada, Don Quijote no es ni mexicano; es espanol. Entonces, tampoco su ingles y espanol mocho es 100% real porque mira como hablas, cara de papa. La cosa es que si nos vamos a considerar 100% algo eso ya no puede ser porque entonces que chingados estas haciendo en EEUU? Bien dijo tu abuelito Benito Juarez: "El respeto al derecho ajeno, es la paz." Si no te gusta lo que otros piensan o cocinan, it doesn’t make any difference; only makes evident all the limitations you have in your life. Y, por si no lo sabias…a la tierra que fueres, haz lo que vieres. Aplacate, y ponte a comer los hot dogs del 7-11.

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