Tube Disasters

Never you mind why I’m posting this song, I just am, okay? One of my all time favorites and an almost perfect punk tune, so sez me. Click here to download the tube disasters mp3 by Flux of Pink Indians.

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4 Responses to Tube Disasters

  1. Mrow says:

    I always get these guys confused with Rudimentary Peni. Did these FLUX guys suffer from mental health issues too?

  2. Chely says:

    (do you pick the anti-spam word? It just asked me to spell chancla) I like it better when you give us some Emanuel in satin shirt.

  3. chimatli says:

    Chely, if that’s the kinda thing you like, check out my latest blog post:
    but i gotta go with el chavo on this one, “tube disasters” is one of the best songs ever in the history of creation.

  4. Julio says:

    I love the thump of the intro bassline.

    “i love tube disasters
    i wanna marry a tube disaster
    i want another one like the last one
    cause i live for tube disasters yeah”

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