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Every few months the Lincoln Heights Chamber of Commerce organizes a big Sidewalk Sale on Broadway, where merchants, both local and visiting, setup booths in which to hawk their wares. It’s mostly the usual stuff you’d expect in a working class Latino community, nothing fancy, but it’s quite fun just to walk around and check out the mix of people. Here’s a few pics in case you miss it, though you can still catch it tomorrow Sunday if you’re lucky! Maybe you can get yourself a stuffed Mario Bros, a Dora the Pedora, or even a real baby! Did you spot her? JK, it’s only a creepy realistic looking doll!


The LHS football team (they call themselves the Tigers) had a little booth..


…right next to the sexy bras and underwear for the mature woman. Don’t get excited boys!


For some reason, there’s always a bunch of stands selling cookware, but you have to leave your name and number so they can get back to you later, how old school.


You need basics? We got basics!


Mucha Ropa! Whistle, whistle..


Nothing sez home decor like deer antlers holding up your coffee table, zombie dolphins staring with their dead eyes, and imaginary little white kids picking grapes! Lucky for me they have a lay-away program.


This jeweler is trying to sell rocks and crystals under a zodiac chart. Hippy town is thatta way man!


All your needs for Sundays big football match can be had here. No, silly, I didn’t mean that “football” where they mostly use hands, I meant América vs. Atlas! I’m going for the Black and Red team with the Circle A! 😉

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6 Responses to Sidewalk Sale

  1. chimatli says:

    Those dead eye dolphins look creepily like the killer dolphins from the Tree House of Horror/Simpsons episode “Night of the Dolphins.”

    Lenny: Mmmm. Alcohol and night swimming. It’s a winning
    [he’s surrounded by dolphins swimming around him,
    fins showing]
    Oh-oh. Sharks! The assassins of the sea! [the
    dolphins stick their heads out of water]
    Oooh. You’re not sharks. You’re dolphins. The
    clowns of the sea. [they begin striking him with
    their noses]
    Ow! Ow! Hey what’s the gag? [they overtake him]
    — “Treehouse of Horror XI”

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ha, ha, that’s one of my favorite episodes! Especially when they march into town humming ‘nuh, nuh, nuh, nah, nuh, nuh, nah’ or something like that! Here’s the link to the video!

  3. ubrayj02 says:

    I was at a meeting with some Lincoln Heights neighbors on Sunday. A bunch of the older women were seriously pissed off about that sidewalk fair.

    Someone said the whole thing was a scam run by the people at the Chamber of Commerce. The intent was to allow the businesses on Broadway to sell their goods, but now those businesses just rent out the spot to peope like the creepy dolphin dealer. The Chamber gets $100 per space that gets rented out.

    How can I rent out the sidewalk in front of my house? I have a lot of cheap stuff to sell too.

    The neighbors I spoke with were also pissed that the special awnings and tarps the Neighborhood Council fought for weren’t being used (a lovely, uniform, blue).

    On the other hand, I commend the vendors for their efforts to fund our Chinese compatriots efforts to dominate the Cheap Crap to Sell Abroad market. More crap now!

  4. chimatli says:

    I think they charge $200+ for the whole weekend. The chamber of commerce should use the money to replace the clock that was destroyed in October.

  5. EL CHAVO! says:

    I have no idea how the Chamber of Commerce runs this operation, so maybe the term “scam” is/isn’t appropriate, but they do bring out more people to walk the sidewalks, though I did notice less retailers this time around. As to crap, that seems to be the motto the whole rest of the country is singing, might as well join in! 😉

  6. M says:

    FYI its $110 if you are a merchant for the weekend, $100 if you are just selling stuff…

    I have been trying to get rid of some of my closed store stock for a while and will try this event…

    Did the same thing at the swapmeet at La Mirada around 2 years ago, cost me about the same.

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