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LH Update: DWP & The Plush Cellar

A quick update to some stuff happening around the LH. I found out, in a very obvious way, that the DWP office has moved…

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Image from There might be much for which to be thankful, but there are many more examples of things that need fixing. In any case, hope you’re all having a good tofu turkey day with your friends and family.

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Bull Run, Mexicano style

I came across this photo gallery while doing some googling, it’s quite entertaining. Maybe we should organize a similar event here, substituting the bulls for rabid pitbulls of course, you gotta keep it relevant!

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This might be fruitless..

..but I figured I’d give it a go, the software came free with my website provider, so por que no? Considering my really lax schedule of updating chanfles, come back here in about a year for my next post, which … Continue reading

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