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I did the above graphic as a mild and quick critique of the way the Farm situation has played itself out, there’s a much more intricate one floating around in my head but there’s really no point in hammering it out since it’s easier to sum up that the landlord Horowitz is a jerk; ’nuff said! “Property rights” always boil down to this: those in power and their friends decide who gets what. Rules and Laws regarding ownership of land are conveniently fluid when someone wants you off it, and if they have enough pull, you’d best be packing your bags. Even the Supreme Court sez your shit ain’t nothing to them. The actual farmers at the south central farm seem to understand this universal truth, so they smartly let the liberal activists do the symbolic fight for the farm. To truly defend your land requires a level of commitment that comes from years of growing real roots, from a significant attachment to the outcome, and the people of Atenco showed that it can be won. The immediate bulldozing of the gardens makes clear the sinister and vindictive streak of those that get challenged, which comes as no surprise. At the very least, this situation displays perfectly that you can never trust an elected official to help you out: Villaraigosa has tried to straddle this issue and it’s now obvious that he is not on the side of the farmers, it’s just expedient to appear so. I do hope they get back the farm, preferably without paying the “owner” a single penny. There’s got to be a way, time to think creatively!

But if they don’t get it back, might I suggest massive ripping-up-of-lawns, be it your own or someone elses, to make room for veggies? That would guarantee an even larger base of gardening operations. Many of my LH neighbors have been at this process for awhile with impressive results. As the saying goes, if your landlord bulldozes your lemon tree, plant more of them! Or something along those lines.

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