El Mundial: Be The Reds Update


So I went to Koreatown to check out the S. Korea vs Switzerland match: turns out the Suisse and the French go thru to the next round. Click on the pic above to see more about the event. I was mostly enthralled by the difference between the Koreatown approach as opposed to the Huntington Park clamp down: one works with the fan energy to maximize the situation while the Huntington Park way is to stomp down with a heavy-ass boot of extra repression. They’ve already issued parking bans for tomorrows game of Mexico vs Argentina, they’ve even told businesses to shut down, yet again, while fans fill the streets. Hmm, what a fucking stupid thing to do. Therefore, I do proclaim, that the City of Huntington Park, in the Los Angeles County area, hereby is declared the Stupidest City in the World. Let me make it clear: Huntington Park is a Stupid City! If that’s not yet been made clear for the google bots, Huntington Park is a backward city that hates its citizens: Huntington Park hates sports fans, Huntington Park hates people, Huntington Park hates business, Huntington Park is a city run by idiots, Fuck Huntington Park, Huntington Park Sucks, I hate Huntington Park, Only Assholes visit Huntington Park, Huntington Park is a backward town waiting for a ticket to the next century. I hope that helps HP make the proper lists! Cuz really, Huntington Park is a shit town.
Yes it is. They fight against a popular, joyous energy that embraces worldly sportsmanship with a heavy-handed repression worthy only of the worst dictatorships, I kid you not. They even forced out a business owner from his own shop because he was wearing a Mexico jersey. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, getting a huge influx of fans with money, which any other city would love, you turn it around and ask for hatred against your shit-ville. You deserve all the crap that is surely heading your way!

In other words, Chinga tu Madre pinchi mendiga ciudad de Huntington Park en Los Angeles, California. Se joden por ser tan pendejos!

PS. Actually, it is a cool place with decent people, but the bastards that run the city are total jerks.

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