Huevos Rancheros: Los Chilitos


I was going to be in South El Monte this particular day so I figured I’d check on Yelp if there was some place nearby that might be worth a visit. Only 2 reviews but they seemed promising, plus they have HR’s! Let’s give it a go.


Prompt and friendly service, plus they serve breakfast all day. I’ll have an order of the $5.99 huevos rancheros, por favor!

We soon get a decent salsa for dipping and some good homemade chips, even if a bit greasy. Plus they have a few other salsa options up at the counter.


The HR’s arrive. It didn’t look impressive but the plate was one of the tastiest examples I’ve had in many months.  The ranchero sauce was done right, with a good chile-tomato base salted and spiced appropriately to keep this in the rich and savory column. Look at how it coats the plate, running under the rice and flavoring the side of potatoes. Many restaurants think HR’s are just eggs topped with whatever salsa they have at their disposal, thus they fail. Here at Chilitos they seemed to think about this simple but crucial detail long enough to come up with something worthwhile. The delicious salsa ranchera helped me to overlook the not-fried tortilla underneath the almost overcooked, but still good, egg.  And look, they don’t go crazy with the cheese. The dish includes the trifecta of sides: beans, rice, AND papas! The frijoles were obviously fresh and the rice was okay. The papas were quite good though with that extra bath of salsa ranchera there to liven them up. I comes with your choice of tortillas on the side (harina for me) to round this out as a very decent breakfast on top of being a great value.

Worth a visit if you are in the area.
Los Chilitos Restaruant 626.279.1561
1648 S. Tyler Ave
South El Monte, CA 91733

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