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Lazy Saturday

Nothing beats a lazy Saturday in Lincoln Heights…

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Huevos Rancheros: Mi Ranchito Veracruz

Feliz Ano Nuevo! I hope that new sphincter is better than the one they replaced. Which brings us up to speed on our whereabouts and why we’ve been missing. These days I try to post here at least once a … Continue reading

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Ugly LH Public Art

Even though Lincoln Heights is home to the Art Colony known as the Brewery, for some strange reason we keep getting stuck with really shitty public art. I mean, I know most art is pretty crappy anyways but you’d figure … Continue reading

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King Taco Has a Crap Website

Look, I don’t mean to make fun of grammar deficiencies, I’m fine when people can just communicate what they mean to me even if it isn’t in the preferred method defined by some English Academics. But I did have to … Continue reading

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Huevos Rancheros: Tacos El Gavilan

I’ve seen a few outposts of Tacos El Gavilan, a small local chain around greater LA, but hadn’t thought much about giving them a try. Usually taquerias are difficult (but not impossible) territory for vegetarians. I recently asked a young … Continue reading

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Ugliest Mural

I was driving down Colorado in Eagle Rock when I turned all the way around to take a pic of this mural I spotted that is easily one of the worst in recent memory. In the top 10 of the … Continue reading

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