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Q-vo Neighborinos!

Still here! Even though I am an “essential” worker (HAHAHAHA!!) and have been going back to the workplace since last June, I’ve yet to catch the dreaded pandemic virus. Oh, trust me, the managers of the world as-it-is have done everything to put me in a position to catch it, mostly by them being utterly lousy at keeping us all safe. Gotta keep the widget factory churning out the commodities! The economy is more important than your little family unit, as we’ve all figured out. In any case, I’ve managed to dodge them Covid bullets for now, hopefully my luck will not run out.

When good guys go bad aka everyone 20-21

As you may have noticed, I am not posting as often, cuz you know…everything is shit. Also, the Age of the Blogs is over, I really should move on to some other fleeting thing. But seeing that my social media presence is even worse, I might as well keep this ol’ page limping along. I did get a nice and encouraging message from a reader checking in (Thanks Nick E!) and I figured I should let people know what is up.

I haven’t been walking around the neighborhood as much, less now with all the new neighbors not wearing masks. Plus, it’s a bit depressing to see how LH is tending towards mediocrity with the diminishing influence of the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mexican cultures that made this place so interesting. I am not expecting our new wealthier neighbors to contribute much to the totality of our lived experiences.

Closed until further notice.

On that sad note, it looks like La Llamarada is down for the count. They tried reopening once for pickup service (which was really useful once I got tired of my own beans!) but quickly shut back down. I zoomed into this photo I took back in January and I just noticed they have a Gas Co disconnect notice, not a good sign. Let’s pour one out for this eatery that provided us all with tasty, quick, and affordable meals.

Cave Man. Danger. Don’t Enter.

Remember that taco stand I wrote about a decade ago? It’s now the linchpin of the Ave 26 “Night Market” on Artesian & Humboldt. I doubt the tacos are that great, but that stand has shown persistence for years, even after a few Health Dept shutdowns. They kept it up and have grown a following. Now a bunch of other food options have gathered around them, and I hear some Tik Tok influencers helped fuel their recent explosion in popularity. It’s jumped the shark from just providing food to locals to being a destination event for bored suburban teens, and their equally bored-of-being-at-home parents. Of course, the City of LA hasn’t figured out how to manage this massive event, preferring to be hands-off instead of offering solutions like mobile toilets, trash cans, or even a shuttle from some nearby parking lot to deal with the influx of cars impacting the neighborhood. I will never accuse the city of being creative in dealing with novel issues, cuz that’s not how they roll. I suspect the idea is to let a good idea go bad so they can just crack down on it and terminate the whole concept. This would not be surprising.


Boy am I slow on publishing posts! While I was working on this one, the local council person Gil Cedillo pulled a dickhead move and shut down the “night market” on Wednesday. I saw the concrete Jersey Barriers being put down early that morning, thinking that they were finally going to make it safe for pedestrians to walk the market stalls without cars. HAHAHA! I am so dumb. Of course, as predicted, they just shut down the whole thing. Like I said, there really are lots of thorny issues with the boom in popularity of the market but even though I have been impacted, shutting it down was never a good idea. This is obviously the new direction the city is taking to not deal with real issues. The City helped spark the housing crisis and the resulting homeless situation, but now they think they can strong arm their way out of the mess they made. Raiding Echo Park and clearing out Ave 26 Market are part of the same program. And you all thought the Democrats would care about you? Por favor.

Gonna end this abruptly so that nothing new pops up while posting.

Hasta Pronto!


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4 Responses to Update

  1. Nombretaloca says:

    This made my shitty day not be as shitty. Gracias!

    I must confess though, I’m one of those bored at home parents with bored at home teens.
    The night market was cool but I always went super early for the tacos and then high tail it back home. If there’s anything happening where the city is not making money off of it, they will eliminate it. Whats that saying again? “Profits over people?”

    Anyways, Glad to see you are back-For now. 🙂

  2. autumn says:

    i’m a new reader, found your blog about a year ago through your recipe page. just wanted to say thank you for posting still, its nice to see thoughtful and conversational writing. stay safe and healthy.

  3. Bob-o says:

    Glad you are back. I’m back now too.

  4. Robert C says:

    Been reading your blog for years. Always entertaining. Keep it going

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