Huevos Rancheros: La Llamarada – World Cup Edition

Last week I cooked up some breakfast for a World Cup party. Today I just wanted something easier. Time to order from an old favorite, La Llamarada!

Looking thru my growing collection of HR reviews I can’t seem to find one for Llamarada. WTF? What kind of lousy HR reporting is this? It’s not usually my go to dish there, I prefer the simple yet satisfying flavors of their Huevos a la Mexicana packed with jalapeños, onions, and tomatoes. As you can see, the HR’s are a heavy affair, super doused in Monterrey Jack cheese. The sauce seems to be mostly fresh blended tomatoes with not much heat, and they put so much of it you can’t even see the perfectly cooked fried eggs.  Since its all on top of some plain old non-fried tortillas, they get soggy quite quickly. And yet, I love them. Not in a “what-a-tasty-meal” sort of way, its actually just a breakfast plate, comun y corriente. But if you understand the role that Llamarada fills in Lincoln Heights, then you understand why their food is judged differently. It’s just an eatery with basic food, no frills, and certain things like chiles rellenos you can only get on Fridays. It’s the spot where you’ll likely run into city workers, gardeners, factory workers in their blue uniforms, along side the viejitos that go out to eat once a day, old cha-cha’s that spend most of their days behind a desk, and the occasional straggler from The Brewery wanting special attention.

And on a day when I just wanted to sit in front of a tv watching a world cup game, these simple Huevos Rancheros were perfect. Well, until the game started and I was too nervous to continue eating.

The most ridiculous fake Mexican on Univision, but the French guy looked real.

Oh yes, Mexico buried France 2-0! Simon que yes!

La Llamarada  323.221.2259
2622 Pasadena Ave.
In Glorious Lincoln Heights!

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