2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Workman

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Two random minutes of action on a Saturday afternoon in Lincoln Heights, on the corner of N. Broadway and Workman. I deliver what I promise.

Why? Why not.

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4 Responses to 2 Minutes on N. Broadway and Workman

  1. spinsLPs says:

    I could see this as a installation at MOCA.

  2. Aya Hu says:

    I spent a half a day slacking off at work reading your blog. It did not take me long to find you likeable and realize you were in LA where I was traveling. So I went through your HR reviews, being a fan of huevos myself. I decided to go to Huaraches Azteca. Now, let me tell you what I was expecting: Being a blonde, white, identical twin female, I expected what I get here in AZ. When I go to a "holeinthewall" Mexican food place, I truly do always get treated like a gringa. Gringa service, gringa food. I have had rocks put in my gorditas, toothpicks in my chicken taquitos. I used to work in Mexico, and speak a lot of Spanish. At that time I had little elementary school girls shouting obscenities at me when I walked past the school. My twin and I often just sit and get sneered at or stared at the entire time. We usually have to wait 30 minutes to get any kind of ‘service’ and watch people getting served before us. But its usually worth it for the food, so we continue to go to holesinthewalls.

    This place, this area, was like… a complete 180. Everyone was so generous and warm who worked there, the people were engaged in EATING not staring. On the street people were genial without being lecherous, and at the gas station I met the most handsome, charming man and wanted to marry him asap. It was so different from being here. It was so different from what you expect coming from AZ. That night I went to a club and met all sorts of handsome men, but none of them had the heart that my future husband at the gas station did. I want to live there and eat Huevos Rancheros and huaraches every day. My twin had a huarache and it was amazing.

    So thank you for telling about this place, and opening my eyes that not all places are like here and that there are genuinely warm people still around. It was awesome!

  3. chimatli says:

    Interesting to hear you get treated that way in AZ, perhaps there is so much discrimination going the other way, Mexicans in AZ are resentful, dunno?
    Here in Los Angeles though, White folks are treated really well in Mexican restaurants for various reasons: just general kindness and friendliness but also because White folks represent status and money. It’s cool to have folks other than Mexicans eat in your Mexican restaurant.
    FYI, many places put toothpicks in their taquitos/flautas, it’s you keep the tortilla from opening up when their fried. Also, rocks in your food is sadly common in places where they don’t wash their pinto beans well. Pinto beans always have rocks in them, they need to be sorted out. So you may think they were targeting you but in reality, it’s just poor practice on the restaurants part.

  4. LizzyPoo says:

    That’s exactly what came to my mind about the toothpicks. Sometimes i forget to take the toothpicks out too and poke my mouth while eating by accident.

    Also, the rocks in the beans makes sense…. I have spent many a times sorting out pinto beans on the dining room table picking out the rocks and ugly bean rejects from the pretty ones. 🙂

    I’m surprised to see that you didn’t make it a point to swear these places off completely! Thanks for giving them another chance!

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