MTA Hates You

We put up with a lot don’t we? As if it wasn’t bad enough that this bullshit advertising kiosk on Broadway and Daly was allowed to be built in such a manner as to ruin our public sidewalks, obstructing the pedestrian thoroughfare, ruining our great views of glorious Lincoln Heights while pushing some lousy product or other, now they’ve gone and insulted all those that take public transport, even as they wait to board the bus!

Nevermind the fact that they are pitching the tax on the poor with their gambling schemes that seem reasonable in an era of desperation. But do they really have to keep pushing the idea that people only ride the bus because they lack money? I thought the city was trying to promote the green-ness of public transport? This seems like an utterly retarded way to try and increase your ridership, making them feel like they move up when they don’t need the bus.

Oh, are you going to claim you’re not responsible for these ads? Will you pass the buck on to some advertising partnership? Of course you will. Because nobody is in charge of anything anymore, its all just a big cloud of plausible deniability.

They use our public space just to mock us. Our tiny commons turned against us.

And they wonder why sometimes people decide to burn it all down.

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6 Responses to MTA Hates You

  1. Erika says:

    Dang! I hope there is enough room for our disabled residents in wheelchairs to get through. We have a lot of people in lhts in wheelchairs.

    Me no like that ad.

    That’s exactly why I refuse to play the lotto – I refuse for my false hopes of wealth in a piece of paper to be abused by taking my money to solve your budget issues. Stop relying on the poor and get some money from the ones on top. Ya basta!

  2. JW says:

    I saw these in a few places last weekend and instantly disliked them. On top of it, the lotto itself is offensive with or without that ad….but that ad sure makes it worse.

  3. Nawel says:

    Es que no me tienen paciencia…!

    sorry for the non-post-related comment, it’s just that I grew up watching El Chavo.

    On topic: that sign it’s a real obstacle for people in wheelchairs or other disability… What was the city planner thinking?

  4. Esneeky says:

    Well said, and my mother CONTINUES paying the goddamn lottery, 10 bucks a week.. porque le va pegar el gordo =/

  5. esme says:

    obviously the lotto has not hired either a sustainability consultant or cultural broker to disapprove their underlying classist and anti-Earth messaging

  6. dona junta says:

    That is such a gimmick and it really does influence gambling also the fact that once you have money you don’t have to work hard and now can be lazy and take a limo. Thats a waste.

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