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Recently I made some disparaging remarks about a new food item-concept in a post about the taco truck ban, lamenting that the crispycone was all we had to look forward to in a world without our Mexican mobile eats. Mind you, that may still be true but then I thought, have I become such an old man that I’m knocking things before I try them? Maybe the lack of street food is better for our collective health. Maybe modern technology has come to a point where they can invent quality sustenance for the masses, in a tasty portable design. And why not have the marketplace dictate what we eat, let the “natural” laws of supply and demand sort out what we really need: have they ever been wrong before? So in an effort to “expand my horizons” I said, por que no, let’s have a go at the Crispycone! Click here to read the delicious results!

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  1. KIKO says:

    god DAMN homes that sounds like the nastiest shit ever, you deserve a medal of honor for even putting that in your mouth. I bet you had to cut off a nopal paddle & scrape it thorns & all against your tongue for several hours to get that shit out.

    In my future vision for miktlan we put together a fleet of taco trucks armed & tricked out w/long-range taepodong-tapatio blasters & sonic mikro-wave teknology 26-inch bass speakers to bump the banda & induce nauseau & discombobulation in the gabas & we storm the fuckin malls & mix-use crapvilles like the Grove etc and shut that shit DOWN. booooya!

  2. cindylu says:

    This makes me want to throw up.

  3. When you told me about this place a couple of months ago (long before they opened) I could hardly believe you were being serious! Alas, you were and worse, so were they. Deadly serious! Deadly as in millions of dollars invested in a slip shod idea. What the fuck were they thinking? If this were some wild idea by a derranged individual implemented at a small mom and pop type of place I would actually think it much cooler (or at least interesting) than it is. But this idea was probably hatched by a whole commitee of business people. This is probably years in the making: a lark it is not. I often wonder how things like this slip thru. This idea wouldn’t pass the muster of a sixth grade class project, and yet here they are with a fully realized concept. *sigh*

  4. EL CHAVO! says:

    Hmm, I don’t know about a medal of honor but maybe some sort of culinary purple heart might do! I really didn’t think it would taste that bad, as lots of fast food has that doesn’t-taste-like-real-food-but-its-still-good-to-eat, like them cheap frozen burritos you get for a quarter. I don’t know if I was thinking about it too much but there definately was some sort of weird after-taste that clung to the mouth, that’s never a good sign.
    What’s crazy about all this, and really shows it was more marketing/business concept than food thought, was the fact that they had been on Good Morning America, even before they opened their first store! Media loves crazy ideas, makes for cheap entertainment, but poor be the victims that have this hoisted on them. Maybe we should get some “foodies” or slow-food people to go and stage a protest!
    Off to Ebay, gonna see how my bid on the Tapatio Blaster 2000 is going!

  5. cosmo says:

    Love your blog but have to tell you that this time I have to disagree. The story of this strange cones coming from Mars made me laugh so I was in Santa Anita last week and want to go and check them out. Couldn’t believe someone would put food in a cone. I agree with you about the over design of the store, but Chavo, the eggs changed. Not sure if because of you or not. it’s different. Couldn’t make myself try the Rancheros but tried the western and it was good and Convenient, I can see this fly in my collage. I’m tired of Ramen noodles in a micro. This was good. My girlfriend took the curry in a garlic cone. it was very good.

  6. Jordan says:

    I thought your description was really entertaining. After seeing this revolting concept in the food court I figured I’d jump on the internet to see if anyone was talking about it.

    Happily there are a few mom-and-pop stores in the Santa Anita mall doing honest to goodness cooking. Not many of them though. Most malls are just filled with the same old big chain stores.

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