Funding the Arts


Despite my criticisms of Art, every once in awhile I do make a major contribution to support that field of human expression. I don’t think this recent grant will get me a plaque (maybe just a mention in a catalog regarding my sponsorship) but  i figured I’d let you all know about my efforts to fund the Arts. See, I care.

The sign above translates as “if you know how to appreciate art, YOU WILL COOPERATE!” Emphasis my own. Cuz yeah, it sounds like a threat.


Before this shot, Mr. Green Cantinflas was covering his face with his right hand while simultaneously pointing down to the contribution bin in front of him with his left. No funds, no art, no pictures for your stupid blog. Grumble, grumble. Ah, 10 pesos!


It’s Showtime!


Un pasito pa’ aqui, y otro pa’ alla. And a lil’ wiggle in between.


Pues que mas quieres por tus diez pesos?

Who knew Art could actually be entertaining?

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6 Responses to Funding the Arts

  1. esme says:

    this looks like morelia…from your last post is seems like you were nearby….i miss mucho

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    Close, this is actually in Patzcuaro.

  3. Is the use of the color green a take on the sustainability of spanish comedy?

  4. rolo says:

    wow, is he floating? if he was floating then he deserves more than 10 pesos.

  5. at first look i thought it was some sort of statue..pero despues after looking at the others pics..i got it.
    It is the “live” version of the good old…”Viejito Rabo Verde” jajaja

    or is it a martian version of Cantinflas 🙂

    Its like here in El Lay..i only give money to the musicians on the street cause at least they are making their contribution thru music and entertaining the opposed to the winos asking for a dollar.

    – no free hand outs..todo cuesta dinero!

  6. Gina Latina says:

    Great blog & photos, I feel like I saw the whole show!

    LA is lucky, ‘cuz you have the best Cantinflas impersonator imported from SF…you feel like you were in the presence of the great Mario Moreno after seeing show by Herbert Siguenza. I don’t know if he still does this show, but he’s part of Culture Clash troupe, and everything they do is still amazing, even after 25 years together.

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