What I learned today on the Westside

Where the good tacos at?
1. Other drivers are more important than you. Get out of their way.
2. It’s okay to be greedy and grab multiple copies of the same book. Just argue loudly with the other person that they were all intended for you.
3. Ed Begley Jr. talks too much and talks too loud.
4. Some Salvadoreans believe that Guadalajara is near Baja. Either that or they are just trying to confuse the uninitiated that their little restaurant is part of a bigger Corporate chain. If it’s the latter, hats off to them!
5. The city is aching for a good veggie taco. RFD? BFD.
6. People in “the industry” do exist. Rats.

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2 Responses to What I learned today on the Westside

  1. constructotower says:

    “Good” veggie taco, whadaya mean?! ALL “good” veggie tacos include seitan, don’t they? Seitan or Satan?

    Say, that taco pictured above sure looks good. All “good” tacos are made with La Victoria Brand Taco Shells. Why just looking at it makes me drool and want to “Make a Run For the Border”. Hope I don’t get caught by the Minutemen! (didn’t they break up anyhow?)

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    That pic looks mighty close to what they serve! I don’t think they pulled shells out of a box but they sure didn’t just fry up a tortilla either. Maybe they pounded some organic corn with a bland stick, threw in some nutritional yeast for flava’ and baked it in the oven. That sure ain’t Good Eats!

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