Pigeon Example

Let these fine feathered friends show you a thing or two about how to approach the coming year: Fuck It All! Even when forces are working against you, aka the pigeon “proofing” in their case, let your will find the way. You are going to encounter roadblocks, assholes that are miserable and want to make you miserable, situations that seem to go from bad to worse. There will be stories of how bad it got. Expect it.

But if these stupid pigeons can muster the intelligence to literally shit on the forces that are working against them, then you, a human being with enough brain power to read this post can surely find a way to overcome the inevitable adversity. I mean seriously, yer not a bird brain are you?

Happy New Year, Stupid!

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2 Responses to Pigeon Example

  1. martin says:

    A video of a pigeon shitting is just the kind of inspiration I need to take me into the new year. Thanks!

  2. meagain says:

    you are truly an inspiration. Lately I have been feeling like leaving my life to start a new one, finances are so overwhelming. But your right, keep writing dude!

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