Scary Birds


Careful when you go by Workman and Broadway, especially around dusk, as a gang of scary pigeons have started to congregate there. Sometimes they’ll flap you some weird signs and patterns, other times they’ll just sit there, quietly, staring at you as if they know what you did last week. They might even freak you out by taking off all of a sudden, flying around for a bit, then come back to their cozy power line and act as if nothing happened. However you transport yourself, make sure you’re not idling or standing underneath this gauntlet, cuz when the bombs start falling, there is no escape!

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6 Responses to Scary Birds

  1. KIKO says:

    man, I swear the pigeons are starting to organize and get more bold around town. just the other day, I was sitting at this place outdoors eating my lunch and all these fucking pigeons came and started walking around my feet, like almost right over my shoes, and I was like damn, they’re worse than the squirrels at CSUN, and even when I kind of kicked at one of them, he didn’t even move, just looked up at me all hard and shit, like, “What the fuck, ese, you got a problem? Drop me summa that sammich or I’m-a flap up and take it out your mouth myself.”

    I think they’re tired of this shit and they’re not gonna take it no more!

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    Ha, ha, yeah, I think the pajaros are in revolt, and they really should be considering the mess humans keep making in their hood. Bandini also points out some brave ass pigeon inside the 7 mares about 3 blocks away ( so maybe the avelucion is at full wing! I, for one, welcome our new pigeon overlords!

  3. castillo says:

    Those pigeons are learning from the cholos in the hood.
    If you are not from their clika watchout, you might get a drop-by”

  4. Javi says:

    Hey, isn’t that the ugly brown building that was/is to have cellular antennas on the roof? I have an idea; instead of the antennas beaming all kinds of radio frequency radiation from there the cell company can use the birds as carrier pigeons since they are at that spot. No more dropped calls only dropped bombs.

  5. chimatli says:

    You mean that building can get uglier??? Oh no! It used to be so nice and historic looking. Now it sits there like a big, brown piece of…

  6. tin says:

    but are they leftist or rightwing pigeons?

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