Huevos Rancheros: Tamales Liliana’s


In the heart of the Eastside you’ll find a popular eatery that is the favorite of many, Tamales Liliana’s. Beloved by current residents and remembered fondly by those that have moved out of East Los, it’s mostly famous for (take a wild guess!) the Tamales, which are decent but overrated. People like them mostly because they know they can just buy a few dozen during the xmas season instead of taking the time to make ’em at home, bola de flojos. And in that same category of adequate you find their take on Huevos Rancheros, a plate full of sustenance covered in a surprising green sauce. The tartness of the tomatillos and the absentee spicy heat make this innovation less interesting, and if you consider the overcooked eggs and non-fried tortilla, it’s even more so!

Now that I really think it thru, it’s a forgettable dish. And I plan to forever forget these HR’s as Lilliana’s has a dish I do enjoy, their Huevos Divorciados: two eggs in different sauces, separated by some tasty chilaquiles in a nice red sauce, with an added good-but-just-okay tamal de rajas, ‘ta bien! At just $4.25, it’s no wonder this place is packed on weekends. Be warned: since they’ll be coming in their big ass SUV’s to get that nostalgia fix, the fucked up design of the new parking lot is gonna get on your nerves just as much as the middle-class chicanos driving ’em! Provecho!
4629 E Cesar E Chavez Ave 323.780.0989


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6 Responses to Huevos Rancheros: Tamales Liliana’s

  1. cindylu says:

    What do you have against middle class Chicanos driving SUV’s and going back to the East LA for some good food? My family used to do it all the time. But hey, there’s no way my parents, abuelitos and brothers and sister will all fit in a Prius.

    I’ve never been to Liliana’s but I might go just for some chilaquiles. I’m thinking I should try something like this, but reviewing chilaquiles… what do you think?

  2. EL CHAVO! says:

    If I had to boil it down to one thing, I’d say its the perfume/cologne. 🙂 If I can fit 16 punk teens headed to a gig into a Pinto Wagon (true story!) you can squeeze a couple of relatives onto laps and maybe even the trunk, what else are they for? Chilaquiles are a good candidate for review, the one place that I used to like now makes them pretty shitty, so I wouldn’t mind knowing of other options. I have noticed most places have started being super lazy and just use their regular chips for the plate, but you can set them straight. If you do go to Lilianas, check out the murals: the total lack of perspective is amusing and a good distraction while you wait for your food!

  3. Nate says:

    Huevos Divorciados, huh? The middle-class gringo on a bike’s going to have head over there soon. 🙂

  4. Edith says:

    Didn’t you hear that a new law was put into effect as of January 1 that makes it illegal to ride in the trunk of a car – this was my preferred location I always called trunk never shotgun.

  5. Lady M says:

    My family loves Liliana’s. We’ve been going there for many years and recently have been having breakfast there every Saturday morning. I had the HD and they were way to HOT for me…yikers! The HR are good too so I’ve been sticking to ordering that instead with a red tamale or tosta de carne, delish! Since their pricing is pretty reasonable I tend not to complain that the waiter/waitress always seems to forget something we order, it never fails! It’s the running joke in our family now.

    Happy eating!

  6. Chef Carlitos says:

    LOL the antispam word requiered for this comment was ‘HUEVON’..LOL

    OK …why in the world would someone in their right mind go to Lilianas and eat something other than tamales???

    Would you go to Tamales La Indiana and order HR there?

    or tamales at El Tepeyac??

    why??? why??? why????

    and yes ,if you dont have a escalade to go to lilianas go and barrow one,so they can see the local boy made good…orale ese,,,lol

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