Paris Diamond

I recently saw the movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen thanks to a great matinee deal courtesy of my local library. It’s a decent enough film (which in this day only requires a minimal story line and maybe some basic acting skills) dealing with Paris in the 1920’s and the protagonist’s desire to be back in the artistic and literary circles of that place and era. One of our local Smoke Shops seems to also be fascinated with that City of Light but maybe not so much the Golden Era, instead stepping it up to the Diamond level.

Nevermind the buzzed driving ad, let’s take a closer look!

What’s better than the Eiffel Tower?

Bam! One with a gigantic diamond on top! And maybe on fire for good measure. Who sez Lincoln Heights isn’t worldly? Paris Diamond Smoke Shop is bringing some much needed European flair to our little place in the city.

On an unrelated note, up the street I saw this cement scribble circa 79-80. Yup, That does say Disco Sucks up on top.

I hope Mando’s kids aren’t into the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin as well. That would not be very rock and roll.

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2 Responses to Paris Diamond

  1. eva marina says:

    “decent enough film”….. nailed it!

  2. don quixote says:

    I didn’t dig that flick much, too precious and predictable. But I dig Paris, and was there in November, by accident. My Amorcita and I were on a trip to Espana, waiting for a plane in Atlanta, we got to guiri guiring and knocking back a few in the airport, it was a two or three hour wait. Songanabitchi if we didn’t miss the plane to Barcelona! Typical Chicano shit although my squeeze is a Korean American, we begged and cried for another plane to Spain to no avail, “no flights until tomorrow”! But the nice lady at the desk informed us that a plane was leaving in an hour for Barcelona but had a stop in Paris, it would cost us another $300. Hmmmm? we took it and spent four days in Paris, pa que no? It was a gas, no reservations pero no ay problema, everything worked out. The first night there we walked from our room in the Opera district to the Eiffel Tower, at midnight before it shuts down it has a light show that has no equal. We were standing alone under the dark Eiffel Tower when my corazonsita give me a gold engagement ring, Wow! Of course this was after I had to chase off a couple of scheeming gypsy’s trying to hustle me for my shit, (Quitate pinches malcriado’s o me voy a matar estillo de LOS!), what a romantic moment!
    On the way back to the hotel at midnight the lights of nightime Paris feeling like we were in a dream, and after we stopped at Napoleans Tomb where people still place flowers, I was able to spit on the monument for all Mexicans everywhere who now have to suffer the onslaught of the screeeming drunk Gringada every Cinco de Mayo.
    The next morning in the room my fiance suffered the first bout of morning sickness that fortold the future, we are now married and expecting! Paris left it’s mark forever.
    But, the real bomb was Barcelona and the rest of Spain were we spent a month travelling, Vale!

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