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Back when I started the site, I had a guestbook where many people contributed info and stories making it very useful. After experimenting with a few solutions, I had to shut it down due to the endless spam. I was getting the same thing for this blog but I found a plugin that works very well, so I figured I’d just use this post for general comments on the crappy website!

Post your comments here!

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  1. guapo says:

    yer Gmail access to MP3’s is “no mas”

  2. rosie says:

    hi chanfles,

    Out of a great respect for you and your impressive blog/site, I want to say that you’ve got me thinking about my old town of Lincoln Heights. Your writings are wonderful to read even though I find myself disagreeing with some of your viewpoints…

    keep up the good work!

    drop by my blog sometime:)

  3. Rolo says:

    I’ve never been a blogger till i found This site really makes my “work day” experience unique lol. Thank you for keeping me entertain =)


  4. Mish says:

    I stumbled across your page when looking for a good frijoles recipe. As a Puerto Rican, our habichuelas are a bit different. Wanting to please my Mexican boyfriend, I thought I better get online and… viola! I found your site. I have to say… not only is your information useful, but you are hilarious!!! You could easily write a book. Keep up the great work!

  5. La Claudia-Lincoln Heights says:

    Just curious is there is a myspace as well? ‘thinking of doing one for my area…

  6. Rebecca says:

    omg- you’re awesome! Came across your site while looking for recipes. I can’t cook toast- would love to go to your house and learn to cook! I’ll be visiting your site a lot!!

  7. Lorna Moravec says:

    I am a fifty-five year old lady of redneck (share-cropper) descent. I like that the neighborhoods where rednecks live, usually on the edges of Waco, have Mexicans and black people and rednecks that live all together and respect each other. Everyone is out front in the evenings working on their cars in the drive-way or barbecuing.
    I also, though, like the Mexican part of Waco. It is very homey. People play dominoes on tables out in the front yard, and also work on cars and there are tortilliarias and also burrito places, and Mexican churches and the culture is strong and interesting like a foreign country, but I feel comfortable and welcome there.
    I am going to college now at San Marcos. It has also a wonderful Mexican part of town, just like Waco, and they swim in the river at the Lion’s Park, and they are welcoming and kind to me, and I find it all very appealing, and I am going to learn their language and make actual friends, fit into that community. It just feels right.

  8. Miko says:

    Firme site but looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while. Don’t let us down homie.

  9. Angeles says:

    I am Mexican and found your page when… yes… I was looking for a bean recipe. Just haven’t gotten this one down for some reason. So here I am, trying your recipe out but on a slow-cooker. Let you know soon the result. Love your site, hope to find more recipes soon. Nos vicenteamos.

  10. Ana Salas says:

    Hola Chanfles…You keep mouthing off and I’ll keep reading….there needs to be more sites like this…Anyways I work at Lincoln Park and we are having a grand Re-opening for our Lincoln Park Carousel on Saturday 6/27/09 @ 12pm…..come check it out 🙂


  11. OleDoc says:

    Count me in as an aficianado! Me gusta leer your interesting cuentas! Especially, las recetas y como hacer qualquier cosa! Digame, vato, what is your favorite receta for carnitas? Haha!

    Keep up the buen trabajo!

    Huitzli Smokapetl

  12. Terry the gringo... says:

    Nothing like frojoles de la olla..

    now I can cook em my self.

    thank you…

  13. Louise says:

    Just searching for lively chatter and clever people….and you’re pulling it together for us Lincoln Heights lovers. Grand to see the Heights is alive and part of the cyber world. A huge thanks for making it work for us.

  14. karina says:

    have to tell u i love everything about ur site! im from modesto, ca and found ur link on sigue le compa! eso, eso, eso

  15. Robin Pejsa says:

    Found you looking for recipes. Nice work. Soy un gabacho viviendo en Colorado. Born in East L.A. in ’56. Keep up the pace.

  16. Pepe says:

    Love your website.Tengo un vegetarian restaurantito con cinco mesitas en el centro de meat y potato country(Nebraska).I would love to come to L.A a conocer la gente y comida.Keep up the great work.

  17. michel says:

    Great site, love your story of east LA…So True! I am an immigrant from Ireland and discovered Mexicans are soo similar to Irish-family values, moral character, warmth, love to party-always with family, crazy about horses (not so much anymore with all the urbanization-worldwide). Ultimately I found America a little too extreme with all those crazy people running the country…they need to hire a Mexican! Went down to Louisiana to help after Katrina, man you shoulda seen it. All these people sitting around holding the head in there hands waiting for the government to come and take care of ’em…then I hit a Mex neighborhood…the hood was organized, people out on the street, piling the trash and debri. What a sense of community…all you East LA’ers would have been proud. Well, even with all the latinos, the U.S. is one crazy place. I finally moved to Mexico and love it here. Living here is so much better than El Norte.
    Great food, great people, great weather (miss the rain of home tho), where else can this crusty guy walk down the road and be passed by a bunch of cute school girls who warmly greet you with smiles and a “Buenos dias senor-como estas”-that ain’t happening in the US or The United States of Fear and control.

  18. Kris Rose says:

    Checking in from Harrisburg, PA. I searched for recipes for verdolagas and I came across your website. Coincidentally, Chanfles is the nickname of my brother-in-law.
    Great blog about LA/Mexican-American culture

  19. EL CHAVO! says:

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you understand where this site is coming from.

  20. Brian Mitchell says:

    Thanks for the amusing and tasty recipes. Helped this gringo make some kick ass frijoles!

  21. Gigi camposita says:

    I found your blog via your nopalitos page, after stumbling around the blagosphere looking for a recipe that looked familiar…
    love your blog, love your acrid humor and just wanted to say, even though I’m not Mexican, at all, love from the Sonoran desert!!, from an American mutt that grew up surrounded by the worlds best people. 🙂

  22. Oscar Sanchez says:

    I am looking to buy Nopales but didn’t expect to go across the US, I was told they had them in Panama City, Florida.
    I still don’t know if you can get information on getting Nopales sent to me in Florida.
    Anyway I will appreciate anything that can help me to get Nopales.

  23. autumn says:

    please write a book, you have great perspective, commentary and humor 🙂

  24. D from East San Jo says:

    Looks like I’m late to the party but I’m glad to find this blog. Stay up!

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